W. Proctor Harvey Clinical Teaching Amphitheater

The W. Proctor Harvey Clinical Teaching Amphitheater represents a huge leap forward for the School of Medicine's educational facilities.  The project will combine two teaching classrooms in the heart of the Medical-Dental Building: C104 and C105 into a state-of-the-art amphitheater with literally not a bad seat in the house!  Once complete, the combined W. Proctor Harvey Clinical Teaching Amphitheater will be able to seat just over 300 individuals or, with the revolutionary electronic sky wall, can be divided into two classrooms with the touch of a button.  

The project will be broken up into two phases starting with C104 in July 2012.  

Here's a pic of the class of 1966 in C105.


The caption reads:

"Well, doctors, how do you like the clinical years?"

"Right now, these medical school juniors are makinga discovery. Though their ten or more years of study and training are tough and exacting, the day-to-day realities of doctoring can demand even more. Serving for months under residents and interns as their preceptors, they're learning fast; how to sift symptoms from the many things a hospital patient may say; how to snatch sleep between late at night calls; how to handle emergencies that arise on the ward. This is the beginning of the clinical years."