Evaluation of SOM Courses and Clerkships

At present, the components of Georgetown University School of Medicine's four-year undergraduate medical curriculum are evaluated by two methods:

Student feedback on opinion/satisfaction surveys via CoursEval, and Intensive review by the Subcommittee on Evaluation and Assessment (SEA), a standing subcommittee of the Committee on Medical Education (COME). The process is documented in this graphic.

The student feedback process is systemized to reduce redundancies and confusion. The process of collecting student feedback about courses and clerkships is centralized in the Office of Medical Education The director of the Educational Evaluation and Assessment has the primary responsibility for collecting this data.

Using a standard, core set of items agreed upon by the Committee on Medical Education (COME), two versions of the Student Feedback Form (one for courses and one for clerkships) are administered for all courses and clerkships. Course and clerkship directors are allowed to add up to five variable items that may change each term and/or year. Course and clerkship directors monitor student input from these important surveys.

As charged by the COME, the principal task of the Subcommittee on Evaluation and Assessment (SEA) is to annually review and evaluate each course and clerkship using information provided by the course/clerkship director reports, course/clerkship materials, and student input via CourseEval. The COME reviews, critiques, and approves the SEA's quarterly reports and recommendations. Subcommittee membership is varied and represents all departments and levels of the curriculum. The SEA meets monthly and presents their reports to the COME quarterly.

Following the approval of the recommendations and on behalf of the COME and the SEA, the director of assessment and evaluation forwards the written feedback with recommendations and commendations to the course/clerkship director and the department chair.

The course/clerkship director and the department chair respond in three ways:

  • Response: Within 6 weeks of receipt, a written response acknowledging receipt and intentions for implementation.
  • Request: The Office of Medical Education is ready to provide assistance at the request of the course/clerkship director or department chair.
  • Respond: Next iteration of course/clerkship are revised according to recommendations. 

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