What are the deadlines for application to the medical school?

Applications must be complete by December 18th, 11:59 PM PST
Please see page 4 of our Guide to Application for a complete admissions calendar

What are your prerequisites?

Please see page 7 of our Guide to Application for a complete list of our prerequisites.

Can I substitute biochemistry for a second semester of organic chemistry?

Yes, a biochemistry class, it will satisfy our requirement for a second semester of organic chemistry.

What courses will satisfy your English requirement?

Any course that is a college-level English.  Also, English AP credit that appears on your undergraduate transcript will satisfy the requirement.

What is the oldest/latest MCAT score you accept?

For the entering 2014 class, we will accept all and only MCAT administrations offered in 2011, 2012, or 2013.

Can I submit my application before I take the MCAT?

Yes, if you plan on taking the MCAT in August or September 2013, your application will be held pending receipt of your scores.

I have multiple MCAT scores; which one will you consider?

We consider only the most recent MCAT scores.

Can I have my application re-reviewed once new scores arrive?

No.  The committee will review each application only once.  If you plan on taking the MCAT after submitting your application, you MUST indicate it on your secondary application.

When should I send my transcript?

Please, DO NOT send us any transcripts unless we specifically ask you to submit them or if they are from a foreign institution.  Transcripts WILL NOT be added to your file.  We will only consider transcripts included in your AMCAS application.

How long after my application is complete should I expect a response?

Turn-around time is generally six to eight weeks, however it will vary considerably with the volume of applications being received.  Please be assured that every application is individually reviewed prior to committee decision.

How should I submit my letters of recommendation?

Letters of recommendation MUST be submitted through AMCAS.  We WILL NOT accept letters of recommendations submitted any other way.

Will you accept letters of recommendation through Virtual Evals or Interfolio?

All letters of recommendation MUST be submitted through AMCAS.  Virtual Evals and Interfolio letters should be submitted directly to AMCAS.

Will you accept fee waivers for your secondary application fee?

 Yes, if your AMCAS fee waiver appears on your verified AMCAS application, we will grant a waiver of the secondary application fee.  

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