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There is a wide array of opportunities available for you to engage with the campus community and beyond as a student at Georgetown University School of Medicine (GUSOM).  Visit the links below to explore the different student organizations and extracurricular options offered at Georgetown, or click on each of the images above for direct access to a sampling of popular campus groups.

We have the privilege of educating a diverse student body with a variety of backgrounds and interests.  While we strive to provide extramural experiences that appeal to all of our students, we encourage you to submit an application to form a new student club if you find that your area of interest or need is not currently represented at GUSOM.  Current students are also encouraged to refer to the corresponding policy outlined in Appendix W of the Student Handbook.


Student Clubs at GUSOM

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How do I start a Club?
Any medical student enrolled at Georgetown can start a club by submitting and presenting a proposal of the tentative club to the Executive Council for a vote. The vote is intended to look at the possible interest and support in the organization as well as the overall intentions of the group. Upon approval the club/organization must exist for a probationary period of one school year before they can submit a budget and receive funding for activities from Student Council. During this probationary year the group must demonstrate their commitment to the submitted intention through scheduled activities and the premises they were founded on.

How do I post to the Event Calendar?
Click on "Calendars" on the right hand column under Quick Links, then "School of Medicine Student Event Calendar". At the top of the page click on Calendars. On the right hand column click on "calendar owner login". Or you can go directly to the login page by clicking on

If you can't login, contact to request access for your club. Click on GUSOM Student Events Calendar. Click on the little box next to the date to add an event.

How do I reserve a room?
1. Effective as of Monday, February 23, 2009 the School of Medicine space will be reserved using the Virtual Event Management System found at
2. Reservation Policies and Instructions
3. You will have to set up an account before you can start using the new system.
4. Additional Information:
a. No ILC Exam Rooms or the ILC Conference Room (GE02A) will be reserved for student use under any circumstances. Students found in violation of this policy will be charged $50 towards their student accounts and will not be allowed to make future room reservations.
b. Rooms to be used for study purposes can only be made up to one week in advance. Room requests must also be made at least 24 hours in advance.
c. There is NO Food and Drink Allowed in the Integrated Learning Center. Students found in violation of this policy will also be charged $50 towards their student accounts.
d. You must have a confirmation to occupy a room. Students found in space that they have not reserved will no longer be able to reserve rooms.
If you have any questions, please contact Cameron Jones ( or Diana Kassar (

When will I be reimbursed?
Reimbursements typically take 6-8 weeks for a reimbursement check to be issued and mailed to the student's local address.

What is my budget?
Total budgets for clubs can be determined by contacting the Executive Council Treasurer. He/She is the person who will take the initial beginning of the year budget requests for each club in August and working with the total Student Council Budget from the Dean's Office determine the budget for each organization/club based on past budgets and proposed activities for the year for each specified club. Please remember that there are Tax Exemption Forms available for club purchases made in the DC area by contacting the Executive Council Treasurer. 06-07 Budget, 07-08 Budget, and 08-09 Budget, ***2009-10 Budget***. Budget Request Form 2009-10 November 2009 Quarterly Financial Statement January 2010 Quarterly Financial Statement February 2010 Financial Statement

How do I request monies to attend a conference?
Please download and fill out the conference reimbursement form and submit to the Executive Council by email @ There are limited amount of funds allocated for each semester and up to $200.00 will be given to a student at one time. If after reconciliation of the budget at the end of the year, there is shown to be additional funds, students may be eligible to receive over the $250.00 amount. Applications are reviewed on a rolling basis. However, it is highly encouraged that you submit your applications as soon as you are aware that you plan to attend a conference. Please email with additional questions. Conference Reimbursement Form

How do I run a campus event?
Any club can run a campus event by requesting a room or if using the corridors to setup a stand please check with an Executive Council Member or Student Website to determine whether another event might be taking place on that date in the same area. Once the room or area is determined and reserved the club/organization should advertise to the classes they wish to involve via the list server listed at the bottom of each class link from the main page of the Student Website. Once the event has taking place submit your Reimbursement Form (or forms) as described above.

How do I reserve a grill for a student event?
Fill out the online Grill Requisition Form at least 48 hours before your event. If you have any questions please contact Tracey L. Henry (tlh38)