A medical student who feels that they have witnessed or experienced any type of bias, harassment, or mistreatment in the learning environment may contact the Medical Student Life Advisory Committee (MSLAC). Membership of the MSLAC is small but representative and consists of select members of the faculty, staff and students who are trained to assist students with any concerns of mistreatment or questions about how to proceed.. Students can report to the Co-Chairs of the Committee or to any member they feel comfortable with. The members of the MSLAC can be found on the website here:


The MSLAC also has an Anonymous Comment Box for students to make reports. Students should be as specific as possible in the reports (location, time, specific issue) that they make via the comment box. Please note that anonymous reporting limits the ability of the administration to act due to lack of specificity and ability to follow up with the person making the report. Reports made to the anonymous comment box will be reviewed at each of the monthly MSLAC meetings and any identifiable patterns in a particular department will be addressed. The Committee prepares reports and recommendations to the Dean for Medical Education and the Senior Associate Dean for Students.

If a student experiences or witnesses any type of bias, harassment, or mistreatment in the while on a clerkship rotation, they are encouraged to report to any member of the Clerkship Coordinator Reporting Team. To alleviate any medical student discomfort in reporting these issues, a student may go to any Clerkship Coordinator on the Reporting Team or any member of the MSLAC to make a report – it does not have to be the coordinator of rotation in which the student experienced or witnessed the mistreatment.

Upon receipt of any reports of mistreatment directly from a student or from a member of the Clerkship Coordinator Harassment Team, a Subcommittee of the Medical Student Life Advisory Committee comprised of at least two faculty members and one student will convene to review and investigate the claims. If the report is found to have merit and involves two students, the case will be forwarded to the Senior Associate Dean of Students who may forward it to the Committee on Students. If the report is found to have merit and involves a student who has been mistreated by a faculty member, the MSLAC will forward the case to IDEAA. In the event that the faculty member is a MedStar employee or an employee of another affiliated institution, the Dean for Medical Education may contact the Chair of the Department or the appropriate person in the affiliate administration at his discretion.

Members of the Clerkship Coordinator Reporting Team:

  • Kimberly Hall, Surgical Specialties

Email: KEH108@gunet.georgetown.edu
Phone: 202-444-7371
Office Location: 1PHC

  • Mesky Lloyd, Internal Medicine

Email: Meskerem.Lloyd@gunet.georgetown.edu
Phone: 202-444-2919
Office Location: 5PHC

  • Sandra Perlmutter, Psychiatry

Email: spp3@gunet.georgetown.edu, spp9@georgetown.edu
Phone: 202-944-5375
Pager: 202-405-5289
Office Location: 2115 Wisconsin Ave., Suite 200, Washington, DC  20007