Georgetown's Early Assurance Program (EAP) is an opportunity for students who have excelled in their course work and wish to attend Georgetown's School of Medicine (SOM) to receive assurance of admission at the end of their sophomore year. To be eligible for the EAP, students must be in their fourth semester at Georgetown University and have completed four of the five pre-med courses by the end of May (biology, general chemistry, organic chemistry, biocehmistry, calculus and/or statistics, and physics). Students accepted in the EAP are not required to take the MCAT exam.

The School of Medicine offers early acceptances to a select few undergraduates enrolled in Georgetown University after their second year of college. These candidates then complete the remaining two years of undergraduate education according to curriculum approved by the respective school/college pre-medical committee and the Committee on Admissions of the School of Medicine. 

Candidates are encouraged to pursue an adventuresome approach to their education during the third and fourth years of college and to undertake challenging programs of learning. Georgetown undergraduates interested in participating in the Early Assurance Program must apply through their respective school/college. They should contact their respective dean’s office in early January to make their interest in this program known. 

Accepted EAP’s become part of a very select group of Double Hoyas, earning the title of Joseph Sweeney, S.J. Scholars.  Father Sweeney was our School of Medicine Chaplin for 25 years.  Prior to that he was President of Gonzaga, Superintendent of D.C. Parochial Schools, and a member of the five person “Corporation” On Georgetown’s Board of Directors who actually “owned” the University.  Most importantly, he was also the first modern director of Admissions at Georgetown College, who computerized the system and hired Dean Charlie Deacon.  Before coming to this other Hilltop where he knew every name, married and baptized many, buried some, and served the school of medicine for 25 years.  There is none more deserving of a School of Medicine Double Hoya title.  Accepted EAP’s should use that title with pride. 

Admission is contingent upon satisfactory completion of their junior and senior years.  Transfer students are not eligible for the EAP. 

Students are not required to take the MCAT for this program, but are advised that if they wish to apply to a medical school other than Georgetown they must take the MCAT. 

Admitted EAP students, known as Sweeney Scholars are expected to maintain the following:

  • Must complete undergrad studies successfully while maintaining a minimum GPA of 3.6 (BCPM and overall)
  • Earning a “C” or below in any course will disqualify you from the program
  • Cannot withdraw from a major course
  • Any changes to the proposal and/or coursework relating to proposal must pre-approved by the School of Medicine (click here to download the Proposal Change Request Form)
  • Recommended to continue coursework in upper level sciences

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