Steering Committee

Oversee other committees and make sure they are interacting with one another. Make committee assignments and guide committee tasks. Should check in once every other week either in person or electronically. From the descriptions of the committee tasks below it is clear that crosstalk between the committees is critical. The steering committee will make sure this happens, as members of the steering committee serve on each of the other committees. The leadership of each sub-committee will also have the power to recruit additional ad hoc members whose expertise is required for them to complete their assignments.


Timelines Committee 

Develop overall timeline for M1-M4. This will include an outline of the calendar for the foundational phase including recommendations for grouping or distribution of topics/expertise, recommendations for the spacing and grouping/regrouping of clerkships, timing of deep dives/ISP/tracks, timing of Step1 and 2, etc.


Pedagogy Committee

Make recommendations for the mix of pedagogies that should be included in the revised curriculum, their timing and administration. This will include research into different teaching techniques/technologies with an eye to meeting the knowledge skills and attitudes approved by the COME and developing the qualities identified as critical at the curriculum retreat. This committee should also coordinate work with appropriate offices to arrange for faculty development as necessary. Output from this committee should include an outline for a typical week and the flow of a typical module with the goal of introducing some consistency to the schedule.


Assessment Committee

Will make recommendations along several axes associated with assessment. These include structure (exams, papers, reflections), timing, and grading (normative or criterion referenced). They may also propose a mix of formative and summative assessment and longitudinal examinations of values and attitudes.


Resources Committee

This committee will determine how the current resources available at Georgetown (space, , technology, etc.) fit with the recommendations of the other committees and how additional resources can be procured to meet curricular needs. members of this committee should sit in on the other committee meetings to stay abreast of research and proposals with a particular eye to how they can be implemented at our site.