Nora Frimpong

May 4, 2016

Why GEMS Program

by Nora Frimpong

1. What specific reasons led you to apply to the GEMS Program?

The GEMS program stood out when I was researching for leading Post baccalaureate programs in the country. Because I was struggling with my critical thinking and analytical skills, I needed a program that would personalize my academic needs through coaching and academic support; GEMS stood out to me and I applied.

2. What specific academic needs (e.g. course work, academic skills, study strategies, learning strategies, etc.)  did you believe the GEMS Program could help you meet?

I believed that the GEMs program could help me with my learning strategies as well as my time management skills. In college I spent too many hours studying one topic; but I knew that such a habit would not work for medical school. After thorough research, I saw GEMS as a program that could help me hone these kills to prepare me for medical school.

3. Noting the opportunity for consideration to GUSOM, what was another single best outcome of your GEMS experience?

One best outcome of my GEMS experience is that it has taught me to recognize, accept, overcome, and learn from my failures. I value the training that I was fortunate enough to receive in the program, as it will help me in my future endeavors.

Nora Frimpong

GEMS 2015-2016