Rui Soares

Rui Soares

May 16, 2016

The Impact of GEMS

by Rui Soares

The GEMS program has set up the foundation for achieving success in the rigors of a medical school curriculum. The program provides essential support and knowledge-based techniques in order to better perform on examinations and presentations. The strategies that I have learned in GEMS will better facilitate a smooth transition into medical school. Learning the competencies provided by Dean Taylor such as knowledge base, critical thinking skills, and test taking skills really attracted me to the program and showed me that if I hone in on each of these skills that I would become a better student. I knew that facilitated sessions (FS) would soon become the norm when accepted into GEMS and this was an exciting piece. It was exciting because this would allow me to further perfect my study skills by being able to teach concepts and biological mechanisms to my fellow peers. This was fundamental in GEMS and by Dean Taylor’s guidance, I was able to concentrate on my weakest academic areas. I am eternally grateful to be a part of this program.