Wasim Haidari

May 4, 2016


by Wasim Haidari

1. What specific reasons led you to apply to the GEMS Program?

The reason I applied to the GEMS program was to strengthen my academic profile and challenge myself by taking medical school courses. I used this program as an academic bridge prior to enrolling at the school of medicine. I have also chosen this program because it’s focused on training physicians who will help the under-served populations. This is a big issue in our healthcare system and I would like to be part of the solution to this problem.

2. What specific academic needs (e.g. course work, academic skills, study strategies, learning strategies, etc.) did you believe the GEMS Program could help you meet? Please explain with some detail.

GEMS program has helped me improve as a student by teaching ways of how to adjust learning skills and study methods when approaching a variety of subjects ranging from micro-anatomy to pathophysiology. The program is designed to help students better conceptualize various subject matters. This ability to conceptualize has allowed me to be successful in medical school.

3. Noting the opportunity for consideration to GUSOM, what was another single best outcome of your GEMS experience ?

This program along with my work ethic has helped become very good at managing my time and prioritizing. I believe these skills are essential for any medical student. I am also thankful for the friendships I have made during the program as well as establishing professional relationships with great mentors.