Teaching for Inclusion and Equity (TIE)

The “Teaching for Inclusion and Equity” (TIE) professional development series at GUMC is focused on diversity, inclusion, and equity. The series of workshops which launched last spring, continues this fall 2019, and is sponsored by the GUSOM Office of Diversity Inclusion, the Georgetown Center for New Designs in Learning and Scholarship (CNDLS), the GUMC Center for Innovation and Leadership in Education (CENTILE), and the Faculty Development Committee (FDC) Subcommittee on Faculty Diversity & Inclusion.

The series aims to provide learning opportunities for faculty, staff, students across GUMC and Georgetown, to learn more about teaching content, pedagogy, and develop skills and strategies in creating equitable and inclusive learning environments. TIE consists of stand-alone workshops that can be joined at any time.

The workshops include:

  • Teaching with Inclusive Content and Pedagogy – October 1, 12-1:15 pm
  • Power & Climate in the Classroom – October 24, 12-1:15 pm
  • Recognizing and Interrupting Microaggressions in the Learning Environment – November 18, 12-1:15 pm
  • Unearthing Unconscious Bias in Writing Letters of Rec – December 13 12-1:15 pm

Participants who attend and complete any 4 or more TIE workshops of the series throughout the academic year will receive a Certificate of Completion on Teaching for Inclusion and Equity. Faculty and staff are highly encouraged to participate. This series is open to all faculty, staff, students affiliated with Georgetown University. Some workshops may qualify for CME credit and are noted below – please contact smc307@georgetown.edu if you have any questions.

Flyer titled "Teaching for Inclusion & Equity Series Fall 2019"
October 1 - Teaching with Inclusive Content and Pedagogy
Time 12 - 1:15 pm, Location: Proctor Harvey Amphitheater.
This workshop focuses on creating a more inclusive space for learning that promotes the engagement of students of all backgrounds.
October 24 - Power and Climate in the Classroom 
Time: 12-1:15pm, Location: Warwick-Evans Conference Room.
This workshop will examine power dynamics between faculty & students and how to use positive power to foster a productive learning environment.
November 18 - Recognizing and Interrupting Microaggressions in the Learning Environment
Time: 12-1:15pm, Location: NE 201C.
This workshop will cover implicit biases and microaggressions in the learning environment and ways to combat and interrupt them if they are present.
December 13 - Unearthing Unconscious Bias in Writing Letters of Recommendation
Time: 12-1:15pm, Location: Med-Dent SW 107.
This workshop will investigate how unconscious bias can impact your recommendation letters, as well as strategies for overcoming them.