1. Autogenic Training 

- Reduces stress, counteracts the "fight or flight response" 
- Teaches self-regulation of the autonomic nervous system 
- Provides symptom relief for a variety of chronic conditions

2. Dialogue with a Symptom 

- Tool for self awareness 
- Helps access subconscious information about a problem or symptom 
- Strengthens awareness of inner wisdom

3. Drawings 

- Tool for self awareness 
- Helps group members to access unconscious information 
- Provides pre and post information about group members; a way to evaluate changes brought about by group experience

4. Eating Meditation 

- Tool for developing awareness 
- Promotes harmony between the food we eat and our body's actual needs 
- Identifies emotional issues related to food

5. Forgiveness Meditation 

- May be helpful in making peace with the past 
- Fosters connection rather than isolation 
- May facilitate profound emotional healing

6. Inner Guide / Wise Self / Spirit Guide Imagery 

- Helps to access subconscious information and guidance 
- Fosters trust in one's own inner wisdom

7. Mindfulness Meditation 

- Reduces stress 
- Decreases anxiety 
- Increases self-awareness 
- Increases ability to access inner wisdom

8. Shaking and Dancing 

- Raises energy 
- Releases tension 
- Breaks up habitual, physical, and emotional holding patterns

9. Special Place Imagery 

- Reduces stress, increases relaxation 
- Reduces anxiety 
- Strengthens the capacity to draw on one's own emotional resources 
- Provides a foundation for other imagery exercises 
- Provides a "safety net" in the event of abreactions during other experiential work