Subcommittee on Faculty Diversity & Inclusion

We are pleased to announce our new Subcommittee of Diversity and Inclusion (FDI). This subcommittee will be under Faculty Development Committee (FDC), chaired by Dr. Priscilla Furth, with administrative support provided by Dean Susan Cheng and the Office of Diversity and Inclusion. 

Introducing our new FDI Subcommittee Chairs:

Dr. Edilma Yearwood (SNHS)

Dr. Jessica Jones (GUSOM)

Subcommittee Structure formed by faculty members who:

  • Serve on FDC and/or
  • Serve on other GUMC committees and serve in a task force capacity to the new Faculty Diversity and Inclusion Subcommittee.
  • Interest in issues of Diversity & Inclusion in Faculty Development.