Module Directors

Michael F. Cole, BDS, PhD and Ronald L. Cihlar, PhD

Module Goal

The goal of the Infectious Diseases II: Bacteriology & Mycology module is to enable students to understand the structure and function of the prokaryote and lower eukaryote as it pertains to their pathogenesis and susceptibility to antibacterial and antifungal agents. In a wet lab environment, based on case studies, students will learn how important bacterial and fungal pathogens are isolated and identified in the clinical laboratory and tested for their susceptibility to antimicrobial agents so that rational therapy can be instituted. Students will learn the mechanisms of genetic exchange between bacteria and their importance in the transfer of antibiotic resistance and virulence determinants.

The biology of important bacterial and fungal pathogens will then be considered in a systematics approach so that the student understands the pathogenics of these microorganisms. Time does not allow for the inclusion of all of the important microbial pathogens and students will be required to read about those that are not covered in class in their textbook(s). Questions about these microorganisms will be included in the examination.