The Frank S. Pellegrini, M.D. Medical Student Research Scholarship Endowment was established in 2008 with a donation and directions from William J. Oetgen, M.D., M.B.A., son-in-law of Dr. Pellegrini, and Board Member of MedStar Health, Inc. Dr. Pellegrini, who died in 2003, was a 1939 graduate of Georgetown University School of Medicine. He practiced Family Medicine in the District of Columbia and suburban Maryland from 1941 until 1986, and he held many leadership positions in the medical community in Washington, including the presidency of the District of Columbia Medical Society.

The intent of the Frank S. Pellegrini, M.D. Medical Student Research Scholarship Endowment is to establish a scholarship for Georgetown University Medical Students to perform research under the auspices of the MedStar Research Institute within the MedStar Health system. An annual grant will be awarded to one or more Georgetown University medical students, between their first and second years of study, who demonstrate the potential for academic excellence and who recognize the importance of patient-first values and innovation and the Jesuit tradition of cura personalis. Research activities which explore issues of primary care quality improvement and which foster inter-hospital collaboration among MedStar facilities will be preferred. The goal is to support research and scholarship which will produce a paper of publishable quality.

The Endowment will fund the Georgetown University Medical Student Research Scholarship in perpetuity. Selection of the recipients of the annual award will be determined by the President of MedStar Health Research Institute, or their designee, in consultation with the Dean for Medical Education of Georgetown University School of Medicine, or their designee, and by members of Doctor Pellegrini’s family. Every award will be announced publicly in the MedStar and Georgetown University Medical Center communities.

M2017 Application for Summer Research/Scholarly Tracks