Student Medical Education Committee (SMEC)

Curriculum is constantly changing as technology develops and more research is done on how we learn. Thus, Georgetown continually evaluates our curriculum and looks for ways to improve it in both the short and long-term. The Committee on Medical Education (COME) has two subcommittees, the Preclinical Curriculum Committee and the Clinical Clerkship Committee. SMEC members from each class attend these meetings along with deans, clerkship directors, and department chairpersons. The COME and each subcommittee meets once per month, and students have a large impact and voice in these discussions. Please contact your SMEC representatives with any suggestions, questions or concerns that you may have.

SMEC Representatives:

SMEC – Committee on Medical Education

The COME is scheduled to meet at 5 p.m. every fourth Tuesday of the month. Dates will be posted when an official schedule has been distributed. Members should receive email notification before the meetings.

Class of 2016
Gordon Pelegrin
Tracey Alperin
Ariana Fischer
William Corder  

Class of 2017
Alex Gorab
Alex Solomon
Poorva Vaidya
Jameson Holloman  

Class of 2018
James Spratt
Marysia Lawrynowicz
Michelle Dugan
Valerie Verdun  

Class of 2019
Saam Dilmaghani
Mary Jenkins
Joshua De Gastyne
Charlotte Goldman