Clinical Anesthesia: ANES-500/ANES-501

Department: Anesthesia

Instructor: Dr. Medhat Hannallah

Contact: Dr. Medhat Hannallah

Pager: 202.405.2328

Location: MedStar Georgetown University Hospital (ANES-500)/MedStar Washington Hospital Center (ANES-501)

Duration: Four Week Elective (No exceptions)

Max Number of Students: 3 students/block at GUH, 1 student/block at WHC

Description: The student participates in the management of clinical anesthesia in the operating room. The student will not be an observer, but rather an active participant in the provision of patient care. In essence, the four-week elective parallels the first months of training for a PGY-2 anesthesia resident. If one is considering a career in anesthesia, this rotation provides sufficient exposure to both the specialty and the attending physicians such that one can make an educated and valid decision. If however, a student is considering a different specialty, it is still beneficial to all specialties to learn airway management, resuscitation, and conscious sedation. Each student is expected to participate in all the activities of the department including morning conferences. A multiple-choice test on anesthesia-related topics is given at the end of the rotation. A complimentary textbook is provided by the department.

**This elective is unavailable to visiting students for the first THREE blocks.

Reporting Time and Location: If you are enrolled in this elective, please report to at 6:40am to the Anesthesia Office on the LL of the CCC Building. Dr. Hannallah or Dr. Nguyen will meet you for orientation. Please come wearing scrubs to save preparation time.

Pain Management: ANES-504

Department: Anesthesia

Instructor: Christopher Spevak, MD, MPH, JD

Contact: Christopher Spevak, MD, MPH, JD

Phone: 202.489.4249


Location: Walter Reed National Military Medical Center

Duration: Four Week Elective

Max Students: 2 student/block

Reporting Time and Place: If you are enrolled in this elective, please arrange to meet with Dr. Spevak in advance of the rotation start date in order to tailor the elective toward your interests. Elective is open to all HPSP students and those with active CAC cards.  

Description: The student will participate in the pain management principles for patients with a variety of pathologies. Areas of focus for the rotation center on the anatomy behind regional anesthesia and interventional pain procedures. The student will work to complete an assignment by the end of the rotation with Dr. Spevak. This rotation in Pain Management is highly applicable to students entering primary care as well as medical and surgical specialties including those thinking of a career in pain management through Physical Medicine, Psychiatry, Neurology and Anesthesiology. In addition, the rotation is ideal for someone who wants the great opportunity to rotate in a military hospital for a month. The course director is very accommodating for scheduling of the elective as well as tailoring the experience to align with the individual student’s interests and interviewing schedule. Available to visiting students.