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The mission of our Office of Admissions and Financial Aid Team is to be a support agent for all students before, during and after their medical school journeys to help disentangle the complicated minutiae of financial aid and to co-construct strategic financial plans with each student per their self-reported goals. Our team is here for you and ready to support you during this journey of financing medical school.

Your Financial Aid Team

At GUSOM, we are proud to provide the highest level of support throughout the financial aid process for our students and prospective students.

For all students, the “Applying for Financial Aid” section on the menu describes the GUSOM financial aid application process.

Our office operates remotely. Please contact us by email for assistance and/or set up a virtual meeting at

Important Financial Aid Deadlines

These deadlines apply to all applicants regardless of admission status (e.g. wait-listed, not yet interviewed, etc.). Further details for each of these steps can be found at the “Types of Financial Aid” on the menu.

For Current Students

Support for current students is offered in a few different ways.

  • Loan repayment workshops
  • Meetings throughout your 4 years to plan for things like rotations, residency, upcoming semester expenses, travel, the loan borrowing process, and any other areas students have questions about
  • One-on-one financial aid counseling sessions with a member of the Admissions and Financial Aid Office to ensure all students feel supported
  • Quarterly newsletters for all current students
  • Virtual drop-in office hours

Questions? Jump directly to our FAQ page here.

While the information on this and other pages of this website is thought to be accurate at the time of posting, financial aid requirements, terms, and other specifics change regularly and sometimes without notice. In addition, no website can comprehensively provide all information related to any particular financial aid topic. We encourage you to learn more about all financial aid options available to you by exploring this website in conjunction with other resources and by speaking with a member of the Office of Admissions and Financial Aid.

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