Spaces & Places for Advocacy & Racial-Justice Knowledge (SPARK)

In collaboration with student, staff and faculty groups across GUMC, we will begin to hold a space for increased dialogue and connection. Starting this summer, we will engage in a collaborative effort called, “SPARK” – Spaces and Places for Advocacy & Racial-Justice Knowledge. SPARK aims to bring our community together by providing spaces to process current events, accelerating understanding around systemic racial inequities that pervade our country, developing skills for allyship, and committing to actions around advancing racial equity within our community.

SPARK has three main components: Open Spaces, Dialogues and Learn-Ins. 

This site will be updated regularly with upcoming summer events that are soon to be scheduled.


1. Open Spaces offer participants the opportunity to share, listen and reflect through forum-style engagement. Starting this summer, these events will be hosted on the third Wednesday of each month at noon and at 5 pm. 

  • Healing Circles – In addition to the campus-wide open spaces, Healing Circles will be coordinated for student, faculty, staff affinity groups requesting and needing additional safe spaces to process current events, talk with others and feel seen and heard. In the future, if you want to inquire about coordinating a Healing Circle, please email ODEI at

2. Dialogues invite participants to engage in conversation and reflection through small and large breakouts sessions. These monthly events are theme-based and interactive. 

3. Learn-Ins equip participants with skills and knowledge for personal and professional development to address racial inequities and learn more cultural competency.