School of Medicine Human Resources Processes

Under the leadership of the Senior Associate Dean for Finance and Administration, Diana Kassar, the Office of Finance and Administration (OFA) is responsible for overseeing and facilitating human resources operations for the School of Medicine under the guidance of Medical Center and University policies.

The purpose of this page is to shed light on the processes required to fulfill human resources actions.

Recruitment, reclassifications, salary adjustments, and recurring stipend requests must be routed through the university’s approval process. This process takes anywhere from 4-12 weeks.

The job requisition process may take anywhere between 3-10 business days.

Salary adjustments and reclassifications may be required to go through both the position editing process (outlined in the requisition workflow chart) as well as a compensation approval process (that involves the same approvals as the edit process) which means two rounds of approvals.

Recurring stipend actions require one round of approvals from University HR, SOM Finance Partner, and GUMC CFO.

Onboarding process

  1. Alert Dean Kassar and confirm the salary range.
  2. Extend informal offer to candidate.
  3. If candidate accepts, OFA will generate formal offer letter. For new hires, start dates are constrained by pay periods (biweekly or monthly, depending on the position.)
  4. Offer letter is sent to manager. Manager sends offer letter to candidate electronically, copies OFA on message.
  5. Candidate returns signed offer letter to manager and OFA.
  6. For new hires, OFA requests background check from university HR (if candidate is internal and there is already a background check on file, OFA requests a waiver on the background check); HR initiates check with HireRight (temporary employees are exempt from background checks).
  7. Background check takes anywhere from 2-5 business days, once it is complete, OFA can initiate hire process.
  8. Hire business process is completed by OFA; OFA submits business process in GMS.
  9. Hire is routed to university HR, SOM Finance Partner, and GUMC CFO for final approval.