Welcome to the Integrated Learning Center

Student using a stethoscope on a patient.

The Integrated Learning Center (ILC) uniquely supports the School of Medicine’s emphasis on a patient-centered, competence-based curriculum.

Encompassing both a clinical skills center and multidisciplinary teaching laboratory/seminar rooms the ILC features:

Ten Patient Examination Rooms

Mirror those of real-world physicians where students learn and practice clinical skills in a safe environment and where their clinical skills can be evaluated according to standardized methodologies and criteria. In these exam rooms, students encounter numerous Standardized Patients (SPs) who are trained to interact with students and evaluate their clinical and communications skills.

Nine Multidisciplinary Laboratory/Seminar Rooms

Provide a venue to teach laboratory sciences such as histology, microbiology and pathology in an updated clinical context. Small groups of students are able to watch a faculty member examine a patient via digital audio feed to each of the seminar rooms with clinical preceptors present.

Multifunctional Conference Room

State-of-the-art televideo capabilities and LCD projection. With a capacity for 25 individuals, the conference room serves as small group meeting space and an orientation/training site for students, faculty and SPs.