The Learning Societies

group photo from Stewart & Knowlan Day of Service 2015

About the Learning Societies

The Learning Societies at Georgetown University School of Medicine serve as a platform for the creation of mentor-rich environments for crowd-sourced learning of mindfulness, resiliency, professional authenticity, and leadership. Every student joins one of five Learning Societies — Harley, Harvey, Hufnagel, Knowlan and Stewart — upon matriculation, as determined by their Academic Family.

Learning Societies Leadership

(Effective January 2020)

Harley Society Council

Seleem Elkadi, M’23

Vincent Pugliese, M’23

Georgy Yusin, M’23

Harvey Society Council

Toyosi Ipaye, M’21

Nick Wegener, M’21

Areeg Abu El Hawa, M’22

Landon Frazier, M’22

Hufnagel Society Council

Nabanita Hossain, M’21

Katie Coerdt, M’21

Priyanka Tripuraneni, M’22

Knowlan Society Council

Niki Noe, M’23

Emily Etling, M’22

Nathan Fackler, M’21

Stewart Society Council

Ellie Belilos, M’22

Aneel Maini, M’22

Michelle Xu, M’22

Julianne Blomberg, M’21

Kevin Chang, M’21

Philip Coffin, M’21

Learning Society Advisory Council

Director – Josh Hahm (Stewart M2022)

Co-Director – Alicia Kaneb (Hufnagel M2022)

Director of PR – Dave Mohebbi (Knowlan M2022)

Director of Community Service – Dan Swanson (Hufnagel M2022)

Director of Alumni – Ambika Paulson (Knowlan M2023)

Director of Finance – Suzanne Zhou (Hufnagel M2023)

Director of Reflection – Lizzie Boroweic (Rose M2021)

Director of GSMP – Aman Chopra (Knowlan M2023)


You can contribute to the enhancement and expansion of learning society efforts to enrich and support student communities.

If you wish to donate, click on the button “Donate” below, fill out the section “Other” with your donation amount, and write “Learning Societies Fund” in the text box, as shown in the example below.

image showing Example for Donate Box

If you would like a society point for your society for the donation, add the name of your society after “Learning Societies Fund” (Example: “Learning Societies Fund, Hufnagel”).