Student Services Personnel

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Academic Families/Pre-Clinical Advising & Learning Societies

  • M1 & M2 Pre-Clinical Advising
  • Learning Societies
  • Academic Families
  • Careers in Medicine

Annaliese Heussler
Assistant Dean for Student Affairs
Office Location: Med-Dent NW114
Phone: 202.687.3116

Admissions & Prospective Students

  • Admissions/Application process
  • Committee on Admissions
  • Interview Day
  • Second Look Day

Office of Admissions Website

Office Location: Med-Dent NE 108-C
Phone: 202.687.1154

Ellen M. Dugan, M.D.
Senior Associate Dean of Admissions

Nicole Houle, Ed.D.
Assistant Dean of Admissions
Office Location: Med-Dent NE 110

Alexis Spivak, M.S.
Assistan Director of Admissions
Office Location: Med-Dent NE 101-A

Donna Sullivan, M.Ed.
Admissions Counselor
Office Location: Med-Dent NE 101

Casey Sheahan
Admissions Officer
Office Location: Med-Dent NE 101-B

Princess Polidore
Admissions Coordinator
Office Location: Med-Dent NE 108-C

Campus Ministry

  • Campus ministry
  • Mass schedules & retreats
  • Religious life

Sal Jordan, SJ
Director of Medical Center Campus Ministry
Office Location: Med-Dent SW 103
Phone: 202.687.1336

Classroom Technology & Support Services

  • Classroom technology & equipment
  • Electronic equipment rental

Technical Educational Support Services (TESS) Website

Office Location: LC3 Pre-Clinical Sciences Bldg.
Phone: 202.687.4606


  • Facebook
  • Twitter
  • MedThread Blog
  • Website

Annaliese Heussler
Assistant Dean for Student Affairs
Office Location: Med-Dent NW114
Phone: 202.687.3116

Community Service & Advocacy

  • Community service opportunities
  • Community service requirement
  • Health Justice Scholars Track
  • H.O.Y.A. Clinic

Community Service & Advocacy Website

Eileen Moore, M.D.
Associate Professor of Medicine
Associate Dean for Community Education & Advocacy
Office Location: Med-Dent NE 112
Phone: 202.687.1640

Dahlgren Memorial Library

  • Books and journals (electronic and print).
  • Research help and support.
  • Databases and point-of-care tools.
  • Mobile device support.
  • Study room reservations.
  • BACC Lab and Classroom.
  • Curriculum support and instruction
  • Digital imaging, illustration, and graphics (DIIG)
  • Hours of operation

Dahlgren Memorial Library (DML) Website
Phone: 202.687.1448

Research Help:

Resource issue reporting: email to

Jett McCann, MLS, DM.AHIP
Senior Associate Dean for Knowledge Management
Director, Dahlgren Memorial Library
Office Location: DML
Phone: 202.687.1187

Doug Varner
Senior Associate Director
Office Location: DML
Phone: 202.687.1328

Linda Van Keuren
Associate Director, Resources and Access Management
Office Location: DML
Phone: 202.687.1168

Meghan Hupe
Head of Access Services
Office Location: DML
Phone: 202.687.1173

C. Scott Dorris, MLIS
Research Services Coordinator
Office Location: DML
Phone: 202.687.2942

Diversity and Inclusion

Office of Diversity and Inclusion website

Susan M. Cheng, Ed.L.D., M.P.P.
Senior Associate Dean for Diversity and Inclusion
Office Location: Med-Dent Annex 114
Phone: 202.687.1645

Evaluation & Assessment

  • Evaluation & Assessment (CoursEval)
  • Director Reports
  • Instructions for Retreiving Final Grade Reports
  • Peer Review/Assessment
  • Subcommittee on Evaluation & Assessment

Evaluation & Assessment Website

Financial Administration, Resources, & Planning

  • Award letters
  • Budgeting
  • Costs of attendance (tuition & fees, living expenses, academic expenses)
  • Financial aid applications
  • Financial aid programs (Stafford, Direct Graduate Loan Plus, Perkins, Primary Care, Scholarships, Institutional Aid, Work-Study, Alternate loans)
  • Financial emergencies
  • Funding options for educational expenses
  • Lender selection
  • Living expenses refunds
  • Loan deferment & who processes forms
  • Repayment
  • Role of parents
  • Verification for FAFSA application

Financial Planning Website

David Pollock
Associate Dean for Student Financial Planning
Location: Med-Dent Annex 10
Phone: 202.687.1693

Pat Davis
Assistant Director
Office Location: Med-Dent Annex 8
Phone: 202.687.1693

Phillip Rowley
Associate Director
Office Location: Med-Dent Annex 6
Phone: 202.687.3043

Independent Scholarly Project (ISP) & Research

  • Independent Scholarly Project (ISP)
  • Research opportunities
  • Requirements

Independent Scholarly Project Website

Joseph Timpone, M.D.
Associate Professor of Medicine, Division of Infectious Diseases
Associate Dean for Student Research
Office Location: 5 Pasquerilla Health Care Center (PHC)

International Programs

International Programs Website

Irma Frank, D.D.S.
Senior Associate Dean for International Programs
Office Location: Med-Dent NW 104
Phone: 202.687.7251

Medical Education

  • Academic calendars 
  • Exam procedures & test-taking policies
  • LCME accreditation & information
  • M1-M4 academic scheduling
  • M4 AI/ER preferences
  • Mind Body Medicine Program
  • Module coordination (materials, lecture audios, small group assignments, exams)
  • OSCEs
  • Shelf exams
  • USMLE Step 1 & 2
  • Vacation/holiday policies
  • Visiting Student Application Service (VSAS)
  • 17 objectives (knowledge and skill related competencies)

Office of Medical Education (OME) Website
Office Location: Med-Dent NE 113
Phone: 202.687.1004

  • 4 Year Curriculum Schematic
  • M1 Curriculum Modules & Schematic
  • M2 Curriculum Module Modules & Schematic
  • M2 Module-Course Hours AnalysisM2 Quarter 1 Score Report
  • M3 Clerkships
  • M4 Electives

Yvonne M. Hernandez, PhD
Interim Associate Dean for Curriculum
Office Location: Med-Dent NE 107
Phone: 202-687-4202

Tyler Fisher
Curricular Project Manager
Office Location: Med-Dent NE 112
Phone: 202.687.7946

Kayla Willis
Educational Coordinator
Office Location: Med-Dent NE 113
Phone: 202-687-1034

Essie Thompson

Senior Educational Coordinator
Office Location: Med-Dent NE 116
Phone: 202.687.1491

Jennifer Chang 
Educational Coordinator
Office Location: Med-Dent NE 118
Phone: 202.687.2651

Kevin Carroll
Educational Coordinator
Office Location: Med-Dent NE 105
Phone: 202.687.3185

Medical Informatics, Handheld Devices, Room Reservations

  • Informatics
  • Coursechaser
  • Handheld devices(iPhones, iPads, Android Devices
  • Pagers
  • MedStar Wifi & Medstar Systems Access

Please visit the Medical Informatics & Technology Website

Marcio Rosas, PMP, MBA, MS
Project Manager for Technology & Informatics
Office Location: Med-Dent NE 109
Phone: 202.687.4909


Please visit Office of the Ombudsperson

Download Handbook

Stacey Kaltman, Ph.D.
Office Location: 2115 Wisconsin Avenue, NW
Phone: 202.687.6571

Office of the Registrar

  • Add/Drop
  • Billing questions/fee assessments
  • Blackboard access
  • Course change/exemption
  • Class schedule on transcripts
  • Electronic Residency Application Service (ERAS, tokens, letters of recommendation)
  • Evaluations (M3 & M4)
  • Graduation
  • Listprocs
  • Loan deferments
  • Lockers
  • Mailboxes
  • MyAccess (Student local address, phone, name updates/ changes)
  • Transcript requests

John Hammett
Associate Dean for Student Services and Registrar
Office Location: Med-Dent Annex 1
Phone: 202.687.5121

Margarita Abaunza
Associate Registrar
Office Location: Med-Dent Annex 3
Phone: 202.687.5917

Gloria McClure
Assistant Registrar for Registration & Evaluation
Office Location: Med-Dent Annex 5
Phone: 202.687.5184

Resources & Financial Administration

  • Financial administration
  • Student government budgets and bills (reimbursements, student event payments)
  • Vendor contracts
  • Hiring paperwork & payroll
  • Needlestick claims

Office of Finance and Administration website

Diana Kassar
Senior Associate Dean for Finance & Administration
Office Location: Med-Dent NE120a
Phone: 202.687.2521

L. Whitman Brown, MBA
Assistant Dean of Finance & Administration
Office Location: Med-Dent NE117
Phone: 202.687.4823

Mikey Cassidy
Executive Assistant to the Dean
Office Location: Med-Dent NW106
Phone: 202.687.3922

Jasmine Rogers
Administrator for Finance & Administration
Office Location: Med-Dent NW102
Phone: 202.687.4982

Marcio Gouvea Rosas
Project Manager, Technology and Informatics
Office Location: Med-Dent NE109
Phone: 202.687.4909

Room Reservations

Please visit Room Reservations.

Office of Student Affairs

  • Academic policies
  • Certifications (letters of good standing, parking, proof of enrollment, Student Handbook)
  • Committee on Students
  • Counseling & Psychiatric Services (CAPS)
  • Expectations of the student
  • Experiencing academic, personal, or medical difficulties
  • Leaves of/returns from absence procedures
  • M1-M4 Orientations
  • Medical Student Performance Evaluations (MSPEs)
  • Off-Campus Student Life
  • Physicianship form
  • Professionalism
  • Resources for students
  • Student Code of Conduct
  • Student Exposure to Infectious & Environmental Hazards & Infection Control (Needlestick/OSHA)
  • Student Handbook
  • Student Health

Student Services Website

Princy N. Kumar, M.D.
Professor of Medicine & Microbiology
Chief, Division of Infectious Diseases and Travel Medicine
Senior Associate Dean of Students
Office Location: 5th Floor Pasquerilla Health Care Center (PHC)
Phone: 202.444.0244

Annaliese Heussler
Assistant Dean for Student Affairs
Office Location: Med-Dent NW114
Phone: 202.687.5873

Amanda Finnell
Director for Student Affairs
Office Location: Med-Dent NW111
Phone: 202.687.5171

Program & Events Coordinator
Office Location: Med-Dent NW112
Phone: 202.687.3116

Study Skills & Learning Strategies for Success in Medical Education

  • Effective Organizational Skills to Thrive in the Integrative Curriculum
  • Knowledge Assimilation, Integration and Application Skills
  • Active/Conceptual Learning Strategies
  • Collaborative/Group Learning Strategies
  • Aligning Learning Objectives with Assessment (Test Questions)
  • “Balancing Life” with the Academic Demands of Medical School
  • USMLE Step 1 & Step 2 Preparation
  • Peer-to-Peer Tutoring
  • Testing Accommodations & Academic Resource Center

David Taylor, M.Ed.
Senior Associate Dean for Student Learning
Office Location: Med-Dent Annex 115
Phone: 202.687.5411

Dustyn J. Wright
Director of Student Learning
Office Location: Med-Dent Annex 111
Phone: 202.687.4869

Alisha Ghosh, MHA, CDM
Assistant Director for Academic Support
Office Location: Med-Dent Annex 113
Phone: 202.687.0103