Student Government

The student body is well represented and has numerous avenues for their voice to be heard. For each class there is a Class Council elected annually; it is responsible for all academic issues and social events relevant its particular class. The Class Councils are comprised of a president, vice-president, secretary, treasurer and representative. There is also an Executive Council, elected annually by the entire student body, that works to constantly better our campus community academically, socially, spiritually and civically. The Student Council is thus made up of the four Class Councils and Executive Council.

During the academic year, the Student Council meets regularly on the first Tuesday of each month (except January when it’s usually the 2nd Tuesday) in the Student Council Office located behind the recreation room in Caduceus, and everyone is welcome.

Executive Student Council Members

Academic Year 2018-2019

Photo of Executive Council President, Matthew Williams (M2020)

Matthew Williams (, M2020,
Executive Council President

Photo of Executive Council Vice President, Aya De La Rosa (M2020)

Ayalivis De La Rosa (, M2020, Executive Council Vice President

Photo of Executive Council Treasurer, Niti Nagar (M2020)

Niti Nagar (, M2020,
Executive Council Treasurer

Photo of M4 Executive Council Representative, Jessica Martin (M2019)

Jessica Martin (, M2019,
M4 Representative

Kaitlin O’Sullivan (, M2020,
M3 Representative

Lani Galloway (, M2021,
M2 Representative

Bria Johnson (, M2022,
M1 Representative