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Hoya Wellness Wheel

GU Wellness Wheel

Physical Wellness: SOM Resources or GU-wide Resources

Financial Wellness: SOM Resources or GU-wide Resources

Spiritual Wellness: SOM Resources or GU-wide Resources

Environmental Wellness: SOM Resources or GU-wide Resources

Intellectual Wellness: SOM Resources or GU-wide Resources

Sexual Wellness: SOM Resources or GU-wide Resources

Social Wellness: SOM Resources or GU-wide Resources

Occupational Wellness: SOM Resources or GU-wide Resources

Emotional Wellness: SOM Resources or GU-wide Resources

The HOYA Wellness Wheel, sitting at the center of the above graphic and developed by Georgetown University’s Katharine Gray, M.Ed, and Maegen C. Stoner, MSPH, provides a visual representation of the nine dimensions or areas of an individual’s life that contribute to their overall health and wellbeing. These dimensions are comprised of common characteristics and behaviors associated with wellbeing. Additionally, the outer ring of the Wellness Wheel serves as your access point to both Georgetown University-wide resources and School of Medicine-specific resources available that will further address these needs. Assessing how these nine dimensions affect your life can encourage you to make healthier choices to promote a more robust, sustainable lifestyle.

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