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Financial Wellness at the School of Medicine

Financial wellness is the process of learning how to successfully manage and budget your expenses. A healthy financial practice involves taking steps to live within your financial means and managing your resources by thinking short and long-term. This can be done through creating a budget, learning to be a good consumer, and keeping track of expenses. Taking control of your financial wellness promotes knowledge, independence, responsibility, and awareness for planned and unplanned costs. By creating an understanding of your current and future financial situation, you will be better prepared to handle loans, taxes, debts, and retirement.

School of Medicine Financial Wellness Resources


Office of Medical Student Financial Services

The Office of Medical Student Financial Services (MSFS) at the School of Medicine is committed to ensuring that medical students receive the financial resources necessary when eligible, to cover their educational expenses, in addition to doing planning workshops and individual advising.


Student Health Insurance

Student Health Insurance is available to all medical students. Because medical students may start earlier than the rest of the campus, this is available via a pro-rated amount for the coverage gap period that results. All medical students are required to hold a medical insurance policy, and are automatically covered, via Georgetown, by malpractice insurance (different than health insurance). 

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Student Employment & Reimbursement

The Office of Finance and Administration manages the hiring and payment of all student employees, to include student organization budgets and reimbursement, in addition to payments covering needlesticks and other student expenses the school covers.

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