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Physical Wellness at the School of Medicine

Physical wellness means striving to make responsible, positive, and sustainable choices to promote proper care of your body. Your body performs many functions for you in countless ways every day. Sometimes we expect our bodies to complete these tasks without providing the nourishment, support, and rest it needs. When you place more physical demands on your body than it can handle, you increase your likelihood of illness, fatigue, and injury. Being physically well means reducing these risks to optimize overall health and functioning, which can lead to positive psychological benefits.

School of Medicine Physical Wellness Resources


P.O.D. Market & Fooda

The P.O.D. Market serves the School of Medicine by providing a wide variety of fresh food, snacks, beverages, and select general merchandise on the ground floor of the Pre-Clinical Sciences Building. Additionally, via Fooda, a weekday (12-1 pm) pop-up hot food service is available. Access the daily menu here.

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Mind-Body Medicine Program

The Mind-Body Medicine Program at the School of Medicine is a curricular elective, taking medical and graduate students through a series of exercises used to promote overall wellbeing, stress management, empathy, self-awareness and self-care.

Student Health Center

Student Health Center

The Student Health Center (SHC), in addition to appointments for general health issues, offers prescription refills and referral services that a part of one’s physical health treatment plan – all available to Georgetown medical students. (**Extended & weekend hours available to accommodate medical students)

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Office of Student Affairs

The Office of Student Affairs at the School of Medicine can assist with connecting you to the appropriate resources, in addition to supporting the unique physical wellness needs related to your medical education (i.e. medical leave of absence).


Learning Societies

Every Georgetown medical student is matched to one of five Learning Societies when they begin medical school. Learning Societies plan a variety of physical wellness programming, such as yoga and student runs throughout D.C.

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