Committee on Medical Student Well-being (COMSW)


To assess the current state of, and design interventions to promote medical student well-being.

2018-19 Membership

Daniel Marchalik, MD (co-Chair)
Dustyn Wright, MA (Staff Lead)
Mayada Akil, MD
Emily Aron, MD
Carrie Chen, MD, PhD
Susan Cheng, EdLD
Amanda Finnell, MA
Nancy Harazduk, MSW
Stacey Kaltman, PhD
Seble Kassaye, MD
Maria Marquez, MD

Aviad Haramati, PhD (co-Chair)
Simoné Jalon, PsyD
Tom Guarino, MA
David Taylor, MEd
Hannah Day (M1)
Tamara Wilson (M2)
Emory Buck (M3)
Stephanie Woo (M4)
Ray Mitchell, MD (ex-Officio)
Princy Kumar, MD (ex-Officio)
Eileen Moore, MD (ex-Officio)