Outside Scholarship Programs

The following outside scholarship programs (see various categories on the left menu bar) are provided to assist applicants and current students with their search for funding outside
of the School of Medicine. For scholarship programs that do not have a dedicated website, please contact our office medfinaid@georgetown.edu for more information. To learn more about the HPSP service scholarship, please contact Dean McCann at jm594@georgetown.edu.

We will email the class listserv with any new scholarship opportunities we are made aware of throughout the academic year and spotlight various outside scholarship processes in our
quarterly financial aid newsletters.

IMPORTANT NOTE: receipt of outside scholarship funding may affect either a student’s eligibility for
institutional scholarships or the amount of institutional scholarship a student
receives from the School of Medicine based upon the total awarded. Therefore, you are REQUIRED to report any outside scholarships you receive to ensure your financial aid package is compliant with the overall Cost of Attendance limit.