Georgetown is a Catholic and Jesuit school. Its educational goals are inspired by the desire to build a community of colleagues that share a thirst for God's gift of enlightenment. Campus Ministry assists in seeking that goal by reminding all members of the university that it is possible to create such a community—that such a community is not a daydream. 


Georgetown's Medical Center works to create such a community by instilling a spirit of collaboration in its graduate students of clinical medicine, medical research, and nursing and health sciences. Guided by a call to service, reconciliation, and healing, Campus Ministry helps the Medical Center pursue the goal of collaboration by teaching the skills necessary for mindfulness, communication, and cooperation. 

Peer Ministry 

The primary method that Campus Ministry uses to develop habits of mindfulness, communication, and cooperation is to teach their pursuit through peer ministry. We encourage the students, staff, and faculty at the Medical Center to reflect on God's love—and then to share their reflections with one another. For Campus Ministry personnel and programs at the Med Center, go to:

Mass is celebrated every weekday at 12:05: St. Ignatius Chapel Med Dent SW-105.  
Jewish and Muslim services are offered on the Main Campus, next to the Med Center.
NOTE: for a complete list of Catholic, Protestant, Jewish, Muslim, and Orthodox Christian services on the Main Campus.

Campus Ministry programs offered for students at the Medical Center include: 

  • Retreats 
  • Sacramental Preparation (Marriage Prep; RCIA) 
  • Pastoral Counseling 
  • Spiritual Direction 
  • Peer Ministry 
  • Small-Group formation and direction 
  • Support for group projects in outreach, and service
  • Bereavement Group Support 

Contact Information 

Catholic Chaplain: 

  • Rev. Sal Jordan, S.J., Director of the Medical Center Campus Ministry; SW-103 Medical-Dental Building, (202) 687-1336;

Protestant Chaplain: 

  • TBA

Jewish Chaplain: 

Muslim Chaplain: 

Students: "The Georgetown Group":