Welcome to the Georgetown University School of Medicine Peer Tutoring Program.  Within the contents of this site, you will find more information about our program, how to request tutoring services, or how to sign up if you wish to be a tutor.


The Peer to Peer Tutoring Program is intended to provide an additional level of academic support to students wishing to receive help with their courses outside of the classroom environment.  It represents a supplement to academic support services provided by the Module/Course Director, Faculty, and the Office of Medical Education.  The program serves the dual purpose of providing an opportunity for tutors (who are also medical students) to reinforce their knowledge and critical thinking skills while simultaneously helping their colleagues achieve the same goal.


In order to provide the best possible experience for both tutors and tutees, prospective tutors are required to undergo a brief (1 hour) training session that will help reinforce or develop their teaching skills, and encourage "active learning" during the tutoring session.  Tutees should expect tutors to strongly encourage them to conceptualize their understanding of basic science knowledge on whiteboards, and practice integration and application of their knowledge utilizing test questions.  The tutor will serve as a facilitator of the learning process, filling content gaps as needed, assessing/modifying the tutee's reasoning and problem solving skills.  Tutoring sessions will last a maximum of 2 hours.  Tutoring Services are provided at no charge to enrolled medical students.


For prospective tutors and students seeking a tutor, please click the links below to access detailed instructions for using the Wiseguy Tutoring Portal.




The Peer to Peer Tutoring Program endeavors to assist students in improving academic performance.  Students seeking assistance may experience different levels of success based on factors including, but not limited to, current academic progress, relative effectiveness of study skills, and timeliness in seeking academic support services.  Students are expected to proactively seek assistance from the Module/Course Director, Faculty, Senior Associate Dean for Students and/or Pre-Clinical Advisors as soon as any academic or non-academic concerns arise. 

The Peer to Peer Tutoring Service is available only to enrolled medical students.  Students participating in graduate programs in the school of medicine may seek academic support services from their respective graduate program coordinator.  All students seeking tutoring services will have enrollment status verified, and violations of stated policies will be reported to the appropriate program coordinator.