Welcome to the Georgetown Experimental Medical Studies Program Website. The Georgetown Experimental Medical Studies Program is abbreviated as GEMS in reference to the program and its participants. The GEMS Program is designed to equip under-represented and disadvantaged students for success in medical education. Pictured are four GEMS students, representative of the demographic we serve.

GEMS Educational Methodologies - GEMS students are “learning how to learn” through rigorous academic skills enrichment coupled with unique, 1:1, customized advising. For academic skills enrichment, a GEMS student will experience a rigorous curriculum comparable to the experience of first year medical students. Our educational intervention expands students' medical science knowledge and enriches critical thinking and test taking skills. Our method of unique 1:1, customized advising addresses strengths and areas of improvement unique to the individual student, and provides strategies that are customized to the individual student’s learning preference for success. To the right, there is a graph illustrating the strategies employed. These strategies include higher order thinking, understanding learning behavior, executing learning strategies, instilling student accountability, and providing mentorship and feedback.

As a result of the GEMS Program experience, students will demonstrate enhanced confidence in mastery of medical science knowledge and critical thinking skills for clinical contexts, display an increased understanding of learning behaviors and strategies for success in medical education, and employ reflection and adaptive skills for lifelong learning.

Georgetown Experimental Medical Studies (GEMS) Program 

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One year, non-degree, post-baccalaureate 

GEMS participants complete classes from the actual first-year medical school curriculum

For United States citizens

One of very few programs specifically providing opportunities for disadvantaged students

GEMS Program Success - The GEMS Program has a near perfect graduation rate for MD Graduates 2005-2016 - the majority obtaining their M.D. at Georgetown University School of Medicine. Below are two graphs illustrating our program’s success. To date, we have an 83.4% admissions rate of GEMS Alumni to Georgetown University School of Medicine (GUSOM). In addition, we have 98.6% graduation rate of GEMS Alumni with their M.D. from Georgetown University School of Medicine.


GEMS Class Profiles Under the New MCAT -  For the 2016-2017 GEMS Class Year, we had a class of 23 with an average Science GPA (SGPA) of 2.26 and an MCAT average of 494.6. For our 2017-2018 GEMS Class Year, we had a class of 33 with an average Science GPA (SGPA) of 2.59 and a MCAT average of 499.2. For our 2018-2019 GEMS Class Year, we have a class of 15 with an average Science GPA (SGPA) of 2.72 and a MCAT average of 502.6. Please note that the MCAT averages are based on the New MCAT.


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GEMS Program Progress - Since its inception in 1977, graduates of the GEMS program have matriculated into Georgetown University School of Medicine, as well as other schools of medicine to attain the degree of Doctorate of Allopathic Medicine. To date, we have had 800 graduates. Of those graduates, about 72 percent have completed their medical degrees, or are currently enrolled in medical school. The remaining alumni are in other health-related careers.

GEMS physician graduates make significant contributions to meeting the needs of the nation’s minority and under-served populations, and are trailblazers in all areas of clinical specialty, academia, and research throughout the world. Above are five images of health care practitioners in action - instructing, supporting, motivating, and collaborating.

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