Georgetown Experimental Medical Studies (GEMS) Program 

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One year, non-degree, post-baccalaureate 

GEMS participants complete classes from the actual first-year medical school curriculum

For United States citizens

One of very few programs specifically providing opportunities for disadvantaged students

Two full, need-based scholarships available 

100% GEMS participants awarded financial assistance


Success Outcomes: MD Graduates 2005-2016

  Average Class Profile Total
GEMS Class 21 253
GUSOM Matriculants 18 211
MD Attained 17 208
MD Not Attained <1 3
S.GPA 2.73 --
Old MCAT  23.9 --

*The MD Graduates 2005-2016 are former GEMS students in classes 2000-2011. The above chart shares a summary of the average number of students in each class, how many matriculated into Georgetown University School of Medicine (GUSOM), and how many graduated from the MD program in GUSOM. The GEMS Program has a near perfect (98.6%) graduation rate for MD Graduates 2005-2016 (former GEMS Class 2000-2011).Over the course of 12 graduating classes, there have been only 3 GEMS Matriculants (1.4%) that did not complete the M.D. Program.

GEMS Class Profiles Under the NEW MCAT 

GEMS Class Year    Class Size Average Science GPA

NEW MCAT Average

2016 - 2017




2017 - 2018




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Since its inception in 1977, graduates of the GEMS program have matriculated into Georgetown University School of Medicine, as well as other schools of medicine to attain the degree of Doctorate of Allopathic Medicine. GEMS graduates have also achieved success in other health professions including osteopathic medicine, dental medicine, podiatric medicine, nurse practitioner, nurse anesthetist, physical therapy, pharmacy, translational research, as well as public health careers. Between 1977 and 2017, of the 767 students who matriculated into the GEMS program, 493 are physician graduates; 62 are current medical students; and 212 graduates are contributing expertise in other health career paths. GEMS physician graduates continue to make significant contributions to meeting the needs of the nation’s minority and underserved populations. Indeed, GEMS physician graduates are trailblazers in the medical profession serving in all areas of clinical specialty, academia, and research throughout the world.

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