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We have many clubs which provide a range of social, spiritual, civic and intellectual events on campus and throughout the community in DC. We also welcome any new ideas for clubs that people wish to start. Or, if you see an inactive club you wish to start again, please contact the student council for help in doing so.

 American Medical Association (AMA)

Georgetown's AMA Chapter empowers medical students to learn about and contribute to the field of medicine through advocacy, community service and education.

Lauren Klingman

Baljeet Rai


American Association of Medical Colleges (AAMC)


American Medical Student Association (AMSA)


American Medical Women's Association (AMWA)

The American Medical Women’s Association focuses at the local, national, and international level to advance women in medicine and improve women’s heath. This organization is non-specialty specific and involves women in all capacities of medicine – including medical student’s, residents, and attending’s – and provides and develops leadership, advocacy, education, mentoring, and strategic alliances.

Allison O'Connell

Elizabeth Zolper


Anesthesiology Interest Group

A group designed to promote student interest in the field of Anesthesiology.

Camille Roberts

Colleen Coghlan



Arts & Medicine is a student organization leading the effort to enhance patient care and medical education through the arts and creative programming. We organize music therapy volunteer trips to the pediatric floors, publish Scope (an annual creative journal), and host open mics along with many other creative workshops. Through creative and reflective exercise, we encourage the professional formation of physicians in the cura personalis tradition while pushing our members to find their magic (“do more”).

John Guzzi


Asian Pacific American Medical Student Association (APAMSA)

APAMSA is a place for Asian American students to meet, exchange experiences, and engage in health issues unique to the Asian American community.


Association of Women Surgeons

The Association of Women Surgeons is a national organization with the mission to inspire, encourage, and enable women surgeons to realize their professional and personal goals.

Aya Iwamoto

Colleen Hamm


Beautification Committee

Advocates on behalf of the student body to improve the aesthetics and functionality of student facilities and student life on campus and strives to enhance communication between all members of the GUSOM community to accomplish goals, working it the Executive Council, Student Council, Dean's Office, Library, Medical Students Parents Council and University Housekeeping and Facilities departments.


Benjamin Rush Institute

BRI is a national organization which seeks to foster meaningful discussion of market-driven solutions to the prevailing problems in healthcare.

Malcolm Magovern


Big Hoya Little Saxa

Cameron Fick

Annie Kutzscher


Big Sib Lecture Series

Mike Kelly


Blue and Grey Scholars

The goal of the Blue & Gray Scholars Program is to increase student engagement amongst underrepresented groups in medicine while encouraging medical students to engage the community and train the next generation of physicians by partnering with the senior Anatomy class at Don Bosco Cristo Rey High School. 

Mary Jenkins


Business & Leadership in Medical Practice (BLIMP)

BLIMP serves as a platform for medical students to enhance their knowledge of business literacy and to develop leadership skills within medicine.

Omar Rahman

Chase Corvin


Cardiology Interest Group

This is a group for students who want to learn more about the opportunities available in the field of cardiology.

Sarah Schuessler

Ben Wilson


Chi Alpha

We are a Christian faith based community and welcome everyone, regardless of background.

Elaine Li

Justine Achille


Catholic Medical Association

The Catholic Medical Association student group is an interest group for students who are curious to explore and practice medicine within a Catholic context and to provide support and fellowship for Catholic students here at GUSOM.

Kimberly Johnson

Christian Medical Association

Daniel Kim

David Xiao


DACA and Undocumented Student Awareness Club

The mission of this club is to raise awareness of the presence and struggles of DACA and undocumented students in the healthcare field as well as to fight for more resources on campus.

Elaine Li


Dance Interest Group

The dance interest group was created as an outlet to express yourself through movement, learn new dance styles and explore the healing powers of dance.

Dermatology Interest Group

DIG provides a community for students considering a career in dermatology by facilitating a forum for communication and information exchange between students, residents, and program directors on topics pertinent to a career in dermatology.

Lauren Croda

Lisa Cotter


Emergency Medicine Interest Group (EMIG)

Andrew Stromberg

Jesus Martinez


ENT Surgery Interest Group


Family Medicine Interest Group (FMIG)

The GUSoM Family Medicine Interest Group (FMIG) is an excellent resource for students interested in exploring family medicine in an informal, but educational (and fun!) setting. We provide programming and information that may not be offered in the medical school curriculum: medical students can hear about the history of family medicine and its future and be exposed to a wide range of clinical skills and procedures important to family physicians.

Jhenya Nahreini

Monica Gupta


Gastroenterology Interest Group

The GIG aims to spread interest in the field of Gastroenterology and provide enrichment opportunities in this field to GUSOM students.

David Riley

Maxwell Coll


Georgetown Eye Health Initiative 

The Georgetown Eye Health Initiative provides free eye health screenings to residents of D.C. General Homeless Shelter.

Marielle Mahan


Georgetown Medical AIDS Advocacy Network (GMAAN)

Elizabeth Horne

Maddy Lyons


Georgetown Mindfulness and Meditation

Georgetown Mindfulness and Meditation meets regularly to meditate and explore other mindfulness practices. Whether you have had previous experience in meditation or not, all are welcome to participate. 

Ana Arriola

Tim Dougherty


Golf Club

The Golf Club is an organization designed to help students improve their golfing technique in addition to developing fundraising and networking skills. 

Patrick Joyce

Gavin Ho


Healing Through the Arts

Katherine Wikholm


Holistic and Integrative Medicine Interest Group (HIMIG)

Founded on the ideas that in order to practice optimal medicine, physicians should educate themselves on a wide range of healing modalities and that during medical training and practice, physicians must not lose focus of their own positive health and well-being.


Hoya Health Academy

The mission of the Hoya Health Academy is to improve health literacy in our city’s most vulnerable youth populations.

Cara Black


Hoya MedAlliance

Hoya MedAlliance serves as the LGBTQ interest group at Georgetown University School of Medicine and offers opportunities for social, educational, and community events for GUSOM and it’s LGBTQ and allied student body and faculty.

Marilee Goad

Vivian Dickens


Hoyas Interested in Psychiatry (HIP)

Hoyas Interested in Psychiatry is a group for medical students to learn about the specialty of psychiatry and mental health topics.

Michael Marll




Infectious Disease Interest Group


Internal Medicine Interest Group (IMIG)

IMIG is an interest group for students to learn about Internal Medicine and the many sub-specialties that Internal Medicine has to offer.

Hunter Fraker

Stephanie Wachs


International Health Interest Group (IHIG)

International Health Interest group is a group for medical students that are interested in Global Health. 

Katelyn Klein

Annemarie Glasso


Interprofessional Interest Group

The mission of the Interprofessional Interest Group is to provide a structured platform for students from the school of medicine, school of nursing, and other health sciences to learn and work in a collaborative environment. The Interprofessional Interest Group aims to foster healthy working relationships between healthcare professionals of all backgrounds.

Stephany Mazur


Jewish Medical Student Association


Med Eats

We will be trying new foods- mainly by learning how to cook, pickle, bake, and brew with each other and from each other.

Saam Dilmaghani


Medical Spanish Interest Group

The Medical Spanish Club is a group for students to explore the Hispanic community and culture, and practice Spanish conversation. 


Medical Students for Life (MSFL)

Medical Students for Life promotes a culture of life among future physicians.

Monika Potoki


Medical Student Alumni Ambassadors (MSAA)

Georgetown Medical Student Alumnni Ambassadors (MSAA) is a group that creates and fosters a relationship between current Georgetown Medical students and Alumni, to strengthen the connection to the School of Medicine!

Dan Otterson

Simone Obara


Military Medicine Interest Group

A group for HPSP students and those interested in military medicine to gain exposure to the unique aspects of military medicine.

Beth Conlon

Stephen Chong


Neurosurgery Interest Group

The purpose of the Neurosurgery Interest Group (NSIG) is to increase the interest and awareness of medical students considering a career in neurosurgery through presentations, demonstrations and journal club meetings. 

Rita Snyder

Orgest Lajthia


Nutrition Advocacy and Awareness Network (NAAN)

NAAN seeks to empower students with evidence-based nutrition education to benefit their own lives as well as those of their future patients. If you are interested in collaborating, please email us at


Ob/Gyn Interest Group

This group is for students with any interest in learning more about the field of obstetrics and gynecology via speakers, hands on workshops and career panels.

Allix Hillebrand

Alena Hoover


Oncology Interest Group

The Oncology Interest Group promotes the interest of medical students in all aspects of oncology through research opportunities, talks and fundraising events, and encourages community involvement benefitting patients.

Hayden Dohnalek

Aaron Bush


Ophthalmology Interest Group


Orthopaedic Interest Group

The Orthopaedic Interest Group is a club focused on stimulating interest, scholarship, and career discernment within musculoskeletal medicine.

Kevin Nishida

Sarah Fogleman


Osteopathic Medicine Interest Group

The Osteopathic interest group will give students a hands on look at osteopathic techniques and philosophy, especially in the context of physical diagnosis and the musculoskeletal exam.


Pathology Student Interest Group

PSIG is a group for medical students interested in exploring Pathology as a medical speciality.

Marilee Goad

Victor Wang


Patient Safety Interest Group: MedQIPS

MedQIPS (Medical Students for Quality Improvement and Patient Safety) is a group dedicated to raising awareness and fostering advocacy for patient safety at the medical school level by organizing activities to improve medical student understanding of QIPS issues and working to incorporate patient safety concepts into the medical curriculum.

Conner McMains

Elaine Li


Pediatrics Interest Group

The Pediatrics Interest Group provides opportunities for students interested in pediatrics to explore the field through research, volunteer activities, and career advice and development.

Timothy Buckey

Neal Seshadri


Phi Delta Epsilon Medical Fraternity

Phi Delta Epsilon welcomes all students who wish to enhance their experiences here at GUSoM through educational, social, community service opportunities, and more!

Falone Amoa

Tracy Borsinger


Physicians for Human Rights

PHR empowers medical students and physicians to use their unique skill set and influence to fight for human rights issues across the globe.

Larissa Silverman

Katherine Sullivan


Plastic Surgery Interest Group

Our mission is to give students the opportunity to learn more about the field of plastic surgery. We aim to accomplish this by hosting speakers and events that will give students insight into this field.

Tara Chadab

Aurora Leibold


PM&R Interest Group

James Underwood

Rachel Teranishi


Population Health Interest Group

Emily Murphy

Kimberly Giramur


Radiology Interest Group

The Radiology Interest Group hopes to raise interest in the field of radiology and provide resources for prospective radiologists.

Saam Dilmaghani

Melissa Soderquist


Seldinger Society (Interventional Radiology IG)

The mission of the Georgetown University School of Medicine Interventional Radiology Interest Group is to expose students to the diverse and growing field of Interventional Radiology. Through didactics, symposiums, and hands-on workshops, we will allow students to explore the opportunities and career paths available to interventional radiologists. We will foster relationships between medical students and faculty which will enable students to pursue research and develop strong mentors in the field.

Mari Tanaka

Alex Solomon


Running Club

The running club allows students to meet each week to run, and promotes a healthy, active lifestyle among the medical school students; it encouraging interclass friendships, a stronger sense of community, and collaboration on fitness goals.


Sports Medicine Interest Group

The Sports Medicine IG is about exposing students to the various medical specialties that work with athletes.

Colleen Hamm

Kevin Nishida


Student Interest Group in Neurology (SIGN)

SIGN is a group for medical students who are interested in neurology and neuroscience.

Jacqueline Summers

Emily Cockey


Student Research Advisory Committee


Student Medical Education Committee (SMEC)


Student National Medical Association (SNMA)

Student National Medical Association (SNMA) is the largest and oldest student organization focused on increasing diversity in medicine and support medical students of color. We are committed to supporting current and future underrepresented minority medical students, addressing the needs of underserved communities, and increasing the number of clinically excellent, culturally competent and socially conscious physicians.

Lindsey Hastings-Spaine

Rui Soares


Surgery Interest Group (SIG)

The surgery interest group is a group for medical students considering a career in surgery.

Brian Monahan

Katherine Connors


Trauma Surgery Interest Group

TSIG is an interest group for medical students to learn more about the many facets of the trauma surgery subspecialty by facilitating student-faculty interactions, sponsoring workshops and activities which demonstrate critical trauma techniques, presenting opportunities for exposure to the practice of trauma surgery, and hosting talks to stimulate interest in the field of trauma surgery.

Aurora Leibold

Shadi Shojaei


Urology Interest Group

Khaled Kabbara

Charlotte Goldman


Wilderness Medicine Society

The Georgetown Wilderness Medicine Society is dedicated to teaching technical and medical skills that can be put to use in austere environments.


William Carlos William Society

The WCWS seeks to use the arts and humanities as tools to make us better physicians and better people.

Marilee Goad

Kate Sullivan


Wound Healing Club

The mission of the WHC is to foster interest in interdisciplinary clinical research in wound healing, and to promote sound academic data acquisition, analysis, and synthesis.

Siya Patel

Alex Carrol


Women's Health Interest Group

WHIG promotes learning and discussion regarding women's health through speakers and workshops.


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