We have many clubs which provide a range of social, spiritual, civic and intellectual events on campus and throughout the community in DC. We also welcome any new ideas for clubs that people wish to start. Or, if you see an inactive club you wish to start again, please contact the student council for help in doing so.

 American Medical Association (AMA)

Georgetown's AMA Chapter empowers medical students to learn about and contribute to the field of medicine through advocacy, community service and education. 

Primary contact: amagusom@gmail.com

Alicia Khan (ark110@georgetown.edu)

Alexander Zeleny (amz54@georgetown.edu)


American Medical Student Association (AMSA)

The mission of AMSA is to foster a community of future physicians through education and advocacy, both within GUSOM and beyond.

Primary contact: gusom.amsa@gmail.com

Matthew D'Antuono (mrd78@georgetown.edu)

Ehab Abaza (ea672@georgetown.edu)

Jacqueline Kruglyakova (jk1976@georgetown.edu)


American Medical Women's Association (AMWA)

The American Medical Women’s Association focuses at the local, national, and international level to advance women in medicine and improve women’s heath. This organization is non-specialty specific and involves women in all capacities of medicine – including medical student’s, residents, and attending’s – and provides and develops leadership, advocacy, education, mentoring, and strategic alliances.

Primary contact: amwa.gusom@gmail.com

Hamsini Rao (hmr51@georgetown.edu)

Danielle D'Annibale (dad135@georgetown.edu )

Jennifer Purks (jlp92@georgetown.edu)


Anesthesiology Interest Group

A group designed to promote student interest in the field of Anesthesiology.

Primary contact: gusom.anesthesiainterestgroup@gmail.com

- Mia Garino mcg127@georgetown.edu
- Twyla Jaymes tng10@georgetown.edu
- Malcolm Magovern mjm498@georgetown.edu
- Andjela Pehar  ap1183@georgetown.edu



Arts & Medicine is a student organization leading the effort to enhance patient care and medical education through the arts and creative programming. We organize music therapy volunteer trips to the pediatric floors, publish Scope (an annual creative journal), and host open mics along with many other creative workshops. Through creative and reflective exercise, we encourage the professional formation of physicians in the cura personalis tradition while pushing our members to find their magic (“do more”).

Primary contact: gusom.arts@gmail.com

Nellie Darling (ndd3@georgetown.edu)

Mike Ramirez (mpr72@georgetown.edu)


Association of Women Surgeons

The Association of Women Surgeons is a national organization with the mission to inspire, encourage, and enable women surgeons to realize their professional and personal goals.

Primary contact: georgetown.aws@gmail.com

Jing Wang (jw1705@georgetown.edu)

Priya Bhardwaj (pb885@georgetown.edu )


Beautification Committee

Advocates on behalf of the student body to improve the aesthetics and functionality of student facilities and student life on campus and strives to enhance communication between all members of the GUSOM community to accomplish goals, working it the Executive Council, Student Council, Dean's Office, Library, Medical Students Parents Council and University Housekeeping and Facilities departments.


Benjamin Rush Institute

BRI is a national organization which seeks to foster meaningful discussion of market-driven solutions to the prevailing problems in healthcare. 

Primary contact: gusom.benjaminrush@gmail.com

Malcolm Magovern (mjm498@georgetown.edu)

Big Hoya Little Saxa

Big Hoya Little Saxa (BHLS) is a community-based student organization that aims to promote healthy lifestyle and positive peer-to-peer interactions for the children of DC General Family Shelter. First and second year medical students volunteer at DC General to put on a monthly activity day for residents ages 5-16. We have crafts, snacks, and science activities--but our main focus is reading. 

Primary contact: bighoyalittlesaxagusom@gmail.com

Jenna Pellegrino (jmp308@georgetown.edu

Brendan Wesp (bmw91@georgetown.edu)

Mason Phan (mhp55@georgetown.edu)

Noosha Deravi (nd514@georgetown.edu)

Big Sib Lecture Series

Mike Kelly

Blue and Grey Scholars

The goal of the Blue & Gray Scholars Program is to increase student engagement amongst underrepresented groups in medicine while encouraging medical students to engage the community and train the next generation of physicians by partnering with the senior Anatomy class at Don Bosco Cristo Rey High School. 

Primary contact: bluegrayscholars@gmail.com

Mary Jenkins (mcj54@georgetown.edu)

Matt Williams (mw987@georgetown.edu )

Business & Leadership in Medical Practice (BLIMP)

Increase leadership and business teaching principles to medical students. 

Primary contact: HLT.GUSOM@gmail.com

Frans Beerkens (fb93@georgetown.edu)

Conner McMains (conner.mcmains@gmail.com)

Niti Nagar (nn347@georgetown.edu)

Cardiology Interest Group

Promote and cultivate interest within the field of cardiology. Educate students on features of this specialty. 

Primary contact: gusom.cig@gmail.com

Saman Asdjodi (sa759@georgetown.edu)

Jordan Martucci (jnm78@georgetown.edu)


Chi Alpha Christian Fellowship

We reconcile students to Christ, equipping them through Spirit-filled communities of prayer, worship, fellowship, discipleship and mission to transform the university, the marketplace, and the world. We are a place where medical students can discuss and explore faith together. All are welcome.

Primary contact: gusom.cmda@gmail.com

William Ferris (wjf35@georgetown.edu)

Karin Collins (kc1031@georgetown.edu)

Kelly Comolli (kdc50@georgetown.edu)

Jeremy Marx (jsm300@georgetown.edu)

Catholic Medical Association

The Catholic Medical Association student group is an interest group for students who are curious to explore and practice medicine within a Catholic context and to provide support and fellowship for Catholic students here at GUSOM.

Primary contact: gusomcma@gmail.com

Mark Brahier (msb286@georgetown.edu)

Jeanette Joly (jmj233@georgetown.edu)


Correctional Health Outreach

Correctional Health Outreach (CHO) is a team of volunteers founded by Georgetown medical students with two purposes: one, to study and build awareness about the health disparities that may be affecting the incarcerated population, and two, to facilitate professional relationships with incarcerated persons and corrections facilities through outreach and education.

Primary contact: georgetowncho@gmail.com

Emily Shaffer (es1370@georgetown.edu)

Stephen Kane (sck65@georgetown.edu)


Dermatology Interest Group (DIG)

The mission of the Dermatology Interest Group (DIG) at Georgetown University School of Medicine is to provide a supportive community for all medical students interested in the field of dermatology. We aim to increase access to shadowing and research opportunities in the field of dermatology. In addition, we hope to provide mentorship for all medical students who plan on pursuing dermatology for residency.

Primary contact: dig.georgetown@gmail.com

Kate O'Brien (kfo8@georgetown.edu)

Clare Goggins (cag96@georgetown.edu)

Doctors Without Borders/Médecins Sans Frontiéres (MSF)

MSF is an international, independent medical humanitarian organization that delivers emergency aid to people affected by conflict, epidemics, and natural disasters. The MSF: GUSOM Chapter aims to empower students to gain a better understanding of these medical and humanitarian issues from experts in the field, to learn medical skills necessary for field work, and to support MSF’s advocacy campaigns in DC.

Primary contact: gusom@msfchapter.org

Nellie Darling (Ndd3@georgetown.edu)

Megan Deyarmond (Md1577@georgetown.edu)

Rechna Korula (rmk80@georgetown.edu)

Emergency Medicine Interest Group (EMIG)

The mission of EMIG is to promote interest in Emergency Medicine. We will provide opportunities for students to work with excellent physicians in clinical, research, and simulation settings that will enhance their interest and pave the way to a pursue a career in this exciting field.

Primary contact: gusomemig@georgetown.edu

Francis Navarra (fln3@georgetown.edu)

Yen Phung (htp12@georgetown.edu)

Ethan Fraser (ejf76@georgetown.edu)

Collin Tebo (ct639@georgetown.edu)

Family Medicine Interest Group (FMIG)

The Georgetown Family Medicine Interest Group (FMIG) is a student-run organization that is supported by the Department of Family Medicine and the American Academy of Family Physicians. We have created a supportive environment for medical students to explore Family Medicine as a field, learn more about career opportunities in Family Medicine, develop personal relationships with Family Medicine faculty and residents, learn clinical skills and have some fun.

Primary contact: gusom.fmig@gmail.com

Janae Van Buren (sjv15@georgetown.edu)

Joanna Orzel (jao98@georgetown.edu )

Hailey Roumimper (hr305@georgetown.edu)

Brendan Crow (bc746@georgetown.edu)


Georgetown Eye Health Initiative 

The Georgetown Eye Health Initiative provides free vision screenings and eye health education to the underserved and homeless. 

Primary contact: gtowneyehealth@gmail.com

Alicia Khan (ark110@georgetown.edu)

Alexander Zeleny (amz54@georgetown.edu)

Georgetown Medical AIDS Advocacy Network (GMAAN)

GMAAN provides opt-out HIV testing to patients at Georgetown University Hospital's Emergency Department. All testing is conducted and coordinated by students. 

Primary contact: gmaan.gusom@gmail.com

Anudeep Alberts (aja116@georgetown.edu)

Katheryn Bell (kab353@georgetown.edu)

Rebecca Zhuo (rz210@georgetown.edu)

Markus Wells (mtw45@georgetown.edu)


Georgetown Medical Review

Primary contact: gmreditors@georgetown.edu


Georgetown Street Medicine Outreach (GSMO)

Georgetown Street Medicine Outreach (GSMO) is a student-run organization that reaches out to people who live in public parks, alleyways, under bridges, campsites, or abandoned areas. Students conduct street rounds with a physician(s) and a formerly homeless outreach guide, providing point-of-care testing, socks, hygiene items, clothing, and information regarding local resources. For more information, go here.

Primary contact: georgetownstreetmedicine@gmail.com

Ariunzaya Amgalan (aa1978@georgetown.edu)

Jessica Saha (js4442@georgetown.edu)

Robin Megill (rdm77@georgetown.edu)

Erica Meninno (etm45@georgetown.edu)


Georgetown Transplant Procurement Program

The Georgetown Transplant Procurement Program aims to introduce medical students to careers in surgery; to promote active participation in transplant procurement procedures; and to foster interactions with surgical residents, fellows, and attendings. Students will travel with the transplant team, assist during the organ procurement and, if permitted, the transplantation upon return to GUMC. The club will promote opportunities so that all students feel welcomed and engaged in the operating room.

Primary contact: gusom.gtpp@gmail.com

Madeleine Byrd (meb339@georgetown.edu)


Global Health Interest Group

The Global Health Interest Group (GHIG) intends to provide opportunities for medical trainees to increase their understanding of issues pertaining to the health care of people worldwide. GHIG events, including lectures, service opportunities, and internships abroad, approach health concerns while considering socio-political issues, economics, and health care system structure as well as the impact of globalization and the resulting inequalities it has brought with it.

Primary contact: globalhealth.gusom@gmail.com

Michael Shipp (mms359@georgetown.edu)

Grace Lassiter (gml54@georgetown.edu)


Global Surgical and Medical Support Group

GSMSG US military and medical professional 501c3 nonprofit that delivers top tier medical and surgical care to conflict areas. GSMSG also focuses on developing war torn regions by providing medical training and education to local populations.

Primary contact: julianne.blomberg@gsmsg.org

Megan Deyarmond (md1577@georgetown.edu)

John Solack (jms674@georgetown.edu)

Anu Murthy (am3326@georgetown.edu)

Alex Oster (afo27@georgetown.edu)



GUSOM Dance aims to promote creative expression through movement and dance by hosting student-run dance workshops, and arranging group classes at local studios in DC. We welcome both experienced and non-experienced dancers to join us both on and off campus.

Primary contact: gusomdanceclub@gmail.com

Meredith Njus (mmn58@georgetown.edu)


GUSOM Generation I

To foster dialogue about the unique challenges that 1st generation students may encounter in their medical training, to find common ground among the experiences of 1st generation students & build a network of support with 1st generation faculty members, and to raise awareness for issues that 1st generation students may face prior to applying for medical school.

Primary contact: gusomgeneration1@gmail.com

Hailey Roumimper (hr305@georgetown.edu)

Wooju Kim (wk289@georgetown.edu)

Matt Triano (mjt92@georgetown.edu)

Francis Navarra (fln3@georgetown.edu)


GUSOM Latino Medical Student Association (LMSA)

GUSOM’s chapter aims to raise awareness on major issues and advocate for D.C.’s growing Latinx population, provide mentorship, collaborate with D.C.’s other LMSA chapters, and develop a safe space for GUSOM's growing Latinx and ally community!

Primary contact: lmsa.gusom@gmail.com

Sara Torres (sbt40@georgetown.edu)

Jason Chavez (jvc47@georgetown.edu)

Christian Delgado (cnd34@georgetown.edu)

Alicia Khan (ark110@georgetown.edu)


GUSOM Med Eats

Our goal is to promote conversation about food and a deeper understanding of nutrition.

Primary contact: gumedeats@gmail.com

Kevin Chang (kc1037@georgetown.edu)

Idanis Perez-Alvarez (imp22@georgetown.edu)

Matthew Ribeiro (mnr40@georgetown.edu)



Spread random acts of kindness to GUSOM.

Primary contact: rak.gusom@gmail.com

Sydney Karnovsky (sck68@georgetown.edu)

Tamir Sholklapper (tns13@georgetown.edu)

Zachary Tanembaum (zgt2@georgetown.edu)


GUSOM St. Baldrick's

To spread awareness of the lack of pediatric oncology research funding, and to raise as much money for the most promising in pediatric cancer research. 

Primary contact: stbaldricksgusom@gmail.com

Kevin Chang (kc1037@georgetown.edu)

Caitlin Brumfiel (cmb373@georgetown.edu)


GUSOM Teen Promise Project

The Teen Promise Project is a collaboration with the American College of Obstetrics and Gynecology, the DC Campaign to Prevent Teen Pregnancy, and local medical schools (GW, Howard, and Georgetown) that trains health professionals students to deliver a sexual health curriculum to middle and high school students. In addition to educating teens on sexual health, the program emphasizes self esteem, long term planning, and decision making with the intent to empower girls to be their healthiest selves. 

Primary contact: gusomteenpromiseproject@gmail.com

Jacki Regan (jmr367@georgetown.edu)

Allix Hillebrand (ah536@georgetown.edu)

Johan Clarke (jc827@georgetown.edu)

Mariama Jallow (mj719@georgetown.edu)


Healing Through the Arts

The mission of Healing Through the Arts will be to give students an opportunity to express themselves through their own encounter with art, to encourage understanding of the importance of art therapy, and to enable students to use art in order to help heal current and future patients.

Primary contact: healingthrougharts.gusom@gmail.com

Cameron Zachary (cmz28@georgetown.edu)

Nate Fackler (npf12@georgetown.edu)

Kathleen Coerdt (kmc262@georgetown.edu)


Hoya Health Academy

The mission of the Hoya Health Academy is to improve health literacy in our city’s most vulnerable youth populations.

Cara Black (ckb37@georgetown.edu)

Allison Doyle (aed109@georgetown.edu)

Hoya MedAlliance

Hoya MedAlliance, which represents LGBTQI+ students and allies, advocates for the improvement of health issues within the LGBTQ community at large. It also provides opportunities to socialize with other graduate programs at Georgetown University and the other medical schools in Washington, DC. 

Primary contact: gusom.hma@gmail.com

John Hebb (jhh118@georgetown.edu)


Hoyas Interested in Psychiatry (HIP)

Hoyas Interested in Psychiatry is a group for medical students to learn about the specialty of psychiatry and mental health topics.

Primary contact: georgetownhipsters@gmail.com

Joanna Orzel (jao98@georgetown.edu)


HOYA Med Families

Hoya Med Families is a student-led group that seeks to provide targeted support - both academic and personal - to medical students who are also parents or caregivers. 

Primary contact: hoyamedfamilies@gmail.com

Brittany Bolston (bab279@georgetown.edu)

Brendan Crow (bc746@georgetown.edu)

Jennifer Gyamfi Holiday (jg1662@georgetown.edu)



We provide a peer-to-peer platform for senior students to share their clinical skills and experiences with more junior students. Senior students serve as educators, while junior students have the opportunity to practice their clinical skills in a constructive environment with growth-minded feedback and without the pressure of academic grading.

Primary contact: hoyasims@georgetown.edu

Matthew Carroll (mdc96@georgetown.edu)

Jim Han (cjh244@georgetown.edu)

Anne Yeung (ayy6@georgetown.edu)


Infectious Disease Interest Group (One Health)

One Health-Infectious Disease Interest Group is a student interest group at GUSOM with the mission to cultivate deeper understanding of and broader interest in the field of Infectious Disease, facilitate opportunities for students to explore the medical specialty of Infectious Disease via exposure of emerging domestic and transnational health issues related to the field, and better understand the interconnectedness of human, animal, and environmental health.

Primary contact: georgetown.idig@gmail.com

Emily Shaffer (es1370@georgetown.edu)

Stanthia Ryan (snr34@georgetown.edu)


Internal Medicine Interest Group (IMIG)

The Internal Medicine Interest Group, provides students with an opportunity to learn more about general internal medicine, as well the various sub-specialties within internal medicine.

Primary contact: gusom.imig@gmail.com

Danielle D'Annibale (dad135@georgetown.edu)

(Tony) Kyeong Yun Jeong (kj366@georgetown.edu)


Interventional Radiology IG

To raise awareness for the growing field of Interventional Radiology and afford students the opportunity for early exposure to research, shadowing, and lectures given by current Interventional Radiologists.

Primary contact: georgetownirig@gmail.com

Meredith Njus (mmn58@georgetown.edu)

Michal Ad (ma1714@georgetown.edu)


IronMed Triathlon

IronMed puts on an annual triathlon and 5K, with the support of the Office of Student Affairs. Proceeds are used to support Georgetown School of Medicine's student-run, free clinic--the HOYA Clinic. 

Primary contact: gusom.hoya@gmail.com

Sahaj Patel (sdp59@georgetown.edu)

Kelsie Gould (kmg116@georgetown.edu)

Cynthia Pham (ctp38@georgetown.edu)

Jordan Martucci (jnm78@georgetown.edu)

Medical Students for Life (MSFL)

Medical Students for life is a group of future physicians committed to  developing sustainable patient health care, by advocating person-centered medicine and defending conscience rights. We believe in rediscovering the doctor-patient relationship with care for every patient–regardless of race, developmental stage, socioeconomic status, and special needs.

Primary contact: GUSOMStudentsforlife@gmail.com

Jeannette Joly (jmj233@georgetown.edu)

Military Medicine Interest Group

A group for HPSP students and those interested in military medicine to gain exposure to the unique aspects of military medicine.

Primary contact: gusom.milmed@gmail.com

Cayla Fappiano (cmf224@georgetown.edu)

Brendon Kiely (bwk4@georgetown.edu)

Neurosurgery Interest Group

The purpose of the Neurosurgery Interest Group (NSIG) is to increase the interest and awareness of medical students considering a career in neurosurgery through presentations, demonstrations and journal club meetings. 

Primary contact: NSIG.gusom@gmail.com

Austin Carpenter (abc104@georgetown.edu)

Stephen Kane (sck65@georgetown.edu)

Ryan Kelly (rmk78@georgetown.edu)

Peter Wirth (pjw61@georgetown.edu)

Ob/Gyn Interest Group

This group is for students with any interest in learning more about the field of obstetrics and gynecology via speakers, hands-on workshops, and career panels.

Primary contact: gusom.obgyn@gmail.com

Nabanita Hossain (nh513@georgetown.edu)

Ariunzaya Amgalanaa (aa1978@georgetown.edu)

Jennifer Gyamfi Holiday (jg1662@georgetown.edu)


Oncology Interest Group

The Oncology Interest Group (OncIG) promotes the interest of medical students in all aspects of oncology through research opportunities, talks and fundraising events, and encourages community involvement benefiting patients.

Primary contact: gusomoncologyig@gmail.com

Kelly Becht (kdb90@georgetown.edu)

Colin Wikholm (cgw23@georgetown.edu)

Orthopaedic Interest Group

The Orthopaedic Interest Group is a club focused on stimulating interest, scholarship, and career discernment within musculoskeletal medicine. We hold journal clubs reviewing orthopaedic literature with residents and attending surgeons, as well as attend Orthopaedic Grand Rounds. We host speakers, disseminate research opportunities, and organize fundraisers for diseases related to musculoskeletal health. 

Primary contact: gusom.ortho.interest.group@gmail.com

Neil Sarna (ns829@georgetown.edu)

Jake Israel (ji183@georgetown.edu)

Pathology Student Interest Group

To educate and inspire the next generation of leaders in the field of pathology and laboratory medicine.

Primary contact: gumedpsig@gmail.com

Stephanie Johng (syj10@georgetown.edu)

Patient Safety Interest Group: MedQIPS

The IHI Open School exists to advance quality improvement and patient safety competencies in the next generation of health professionals. The Georgetown chapter has created a forum for like-minded healthcare students, residents, and professionals to interact and help each other gain skills to improve care.

Primary contact: gusompsig@gmail.com

Cody Funkhouser (chf36@georgetown.edu)

Dan Powell (dp806@georgetown.edu) 

Pediatrics Interest Group

We aim to give students extra exposure to the field of pediatrics by giving them the opportunity to engage with children in both a clinical and non-clinical setting, as well as hear from pediatric experts on various topics relevant to the specialty. We hope to spur more interest in the field of pediatrics and support students who wish to pursue a medical career in this primary care specialty.

Primary contact: GUSOM.pig@gmail.com

Caitlin Joelle Cain (cjc276@georgetown.edu)

Jacqueline Kruglyakova (jk1976@georgetown.edu)

Lawren Wooten (lew80@georgetown.edu)

Physicians for Human Rights

PHR empowers medical students and physicians to use their unique skill set and influence to fight for human rights issues across the globe.

Primary contact: gusomphr@georgetown.edu

Megan Pogue (mcp133@georgetown.edu)

Sahaj Patel (sdp59@georgetown.edu)

Riva Desai (rd978@georgetown.edu)

Yadhu Dhital (yrd6@georgetown.edu)

Plastic Surgery Interest Group

The goal of the Plastic Surgery Interest Group is to offer students the opportunity to learn more about the field of Plastic Surgery. We aim to accomplish this by having presentations, workshops, and activities that will excite students about the field of Plastic Surgery. 

Primary contact: gusom.plasticsurgery@gmail.com

Hayk Hakobyan (hh716@georgetown.edu)

Manfred Kubler (mmk114@georgetown.edu)

PM&R Interest Group

The Physical Medicine and Rehabilitation Interest Group is dedicated to showcasing the diverse field of PM&R to medical students of all classes by organizing lectures and workshops, facilitating shadowing opportunities,  and assisting with the residency application process.

Primary contact: gusom.pmr@gmail.com

Cynthia Pham (ctp38@georgetown.edu)

Population Health Interest Group

To expose students to the field of population health through various speakers, organizations, and workshops. 

Primary contact: pophealthinterestgroup@gmail.com

Katheryn Bell (kab353@georgetown.edu)

Yadhu Dhital (yrd6@georgetown.edu)

(Tony) Kyeong Yun Jeong (kj366@georgetown.edu)

Sahaj Patel (sdp59@georgetown.edu)


Precision AND Analytic (PANDAs) Medicine Interest Group

To familiarize students with topics in precision medicine and data analytics, e.g., EHR and imaging machine learning, molecular diagnostics, and individualized models of patient care.

Primary contact: Gusom.pandas@gmail.com

Michael Lindberg (mrl105@georgetown.edu)

Radiology Interest Group

The Radiology Interest Group hopes to raise interest in the field of radiology and provide resources for prospective radiologists.

Primary contact: georgetownrig@gmail.com

Jenna Pellegrino (jmp308@georgetown.edu)

Sarah Berg (slb103@georgetown.edu)


Resiliency in Medicine

Our goal is to Identify and address key factors that contribute to stress, anxiety, and isolation in medical school. Additionally, we hope to provide opportunities for students to learn and develop personalized self-care (i.e. yoga, meditation, small-group discussions).

Primary contact: Gusomresilience@gmail.com

Michael Marll (mrm299@georgetown.edu)

Amanuel Shitaye (abs126@georgetown.edu)

JP Mikhaiel (jpm276@georgetown.edu)


Space Medicine Interest Group

Our mission is to introduce students to the principals of, and opportunities in, the developing field of Aerospace Medicine. 

Primary contact: georgetownspacemedicine@gmail.com

Adam Purvis (arp131@georgetown.edu)

Arjun Minhas (am3619@georgetown.edu)

Sports Medicine Interest Group

The Sports Medicine IG is about exposing students to the various medical specialties that work with athletes.

Primary contact: gusom.sportsmedicine@gmail.com

Ian O'Connor (ito3@georgetown.edu)

Cynthia Pham (ctp38@georgetown.edu)

Student Interest Group in Neurology (SIGN)

The Student Interest Group in Neurology (SIGN) seeks to stimulate and deepen student interest in neurology at GUSOM by providing students opportunities to learn from neurologists and neuroscientists about what the field has to offer. 

Primary contact: sign.gusom@gmail.com

Clark Restrepo (crr68@georgetown.edu)

Callie Takahashi (crr68@georgetown.edu)

Michael Hansen (mah391@georgetown.edu)

Student Medical Education Committee (SMEC)
Student National Medical Association (SNMA)

Student National Medical Association (SNMA) is the largest and oldest student organization focused on increasing diversity in medicine and support medical students of color. We are committed to supporting current and future underrepresented minority medical students, addressing the needs of underserved communities, and increasing the number of clinically excellent, culturally competent and socially conscious physicians.

Primary contact: georgetown@snma.org

Courtney Reynolds (car289@georgetown.edu)

Surgery Interest Group (SIG)

To enable GUSOM students to explore their interest in the field of surgery by engaging with faculty from various surgical fields and spending time in the OR as a preclinical student. 

Primary contact: Gusom.sig@gmail.com

Luc Fortier (lmf82@georgetown.edu)

Julianne Blomberg (jeb363@georgetown.edu)

Damian Lai (dcl52@georgetown.edu)


Urology Interest Group

We are committed to providing GUSOM students with exciting ways to explore the diverse field of Urology while engaging with Urology faculty. 

Primary contact: gusomuig@gmail.com

Christopher Pellegrino (cjp112@georgetown.edu)

Harry Lee (hsl10@georgetown.edu)


Vascular Surgery Interest Group

To educate medical students about a career in vascular surgery and provide learning and simulation opportunities to facilitate their education and interest in the field.

Primary contact: gusomvsig@gmail.com

Kaitlyn Dunphy (kmd260@georgetown.edu)


Reimbursement Form

Please fill out the form below in its entirely in order to receive a reimbursement for your club's spending. Before you begin you will need to make sure you have a few things: 
1. A supplier ID from Georgetown (If you don't here is the link! Supplier ID Website
2. A photo of the receipt from spending
3. Your CCO's name 
CCOs check weekly to look for reimbursement requests after which you should have the money into your account in 1-2 weeks. If you have any questions please consult the student leadership handbook or your CCO. If you have previously filled out this form and still have not gotten your money in a month please contact our Vice President Aya De La Rosa at ad1427@georgetown.edu

Club Reimbursement Form