Clinical Gross Anatomy: ANAT-501

Department: Cell Biology/Surgery

Instructor: Carlos Suarez-Quian, PhD 

Contact: Carlos Suarez-Quian, PhD

Phone Number: (202) 687-1282

Location: GUSOM: Gross Anatomy Labs LE Corridor Pre-Clinical Science Building

Duration: Four Weeks.  Dates of availability vary. Contact Dr. Suarez-Quian for details.

Max Students:  12 students/block. No students accepted for blocks 4 and 8.

Description: This elective is designed primarily for students choosing residencies in general surgery, surgical specialties, or orthopedics. Orthopedic and general surgical dissections will run concurrently. Students will be expected to follow a specific curriculum. Students will be encouraged to attend the operating room, radiology therapy suite, and autopsy room for immediate clinical correlation with their selected topics. Requires pre-approval of faculty. NO VISITING STUDENTS.