Elective in Bioethics

Department: Bioethics

Instructor: G. Kevin Donovan, MD

Contact: Marti Patchell

Phone: (202) 687-1123

Email: patchelm@georgetown.edu

Location:  Edmund D. Pellegrino Center for Clinical Bioethics (PCCB)

Duration: 4 weeks*

Description: Students taking the OMED 558 Elective in Bioethics should select their subject matter and submit a précis for review and assignment of a mentor at the Pellegrino Center. If they wish, they may contact the Center before submitting their précis for help in putting one together. After obtaining approval, students will meet once per week with their mentor, following a prearranged schedule. All students will write a final essay and present their research at one of the Center’s faculty meetings. All correspondence, scheduling, and other arrangements should be made by contacting Mrs. Marti Patchell – Marti.Patchell@georgetown.edu; 202/687-1123.

For Further Information Contact:

Marti Patchell
Assistant to the Director
Pellegrino Center for Clinical Bioethics
236 Building D
patchelm@georgetown.edu or 687-1123