Coronary Care Units: CARD-449

Department: Cardiology

Instructor: Meena Raj, MD

Contact: Molly Hobbs

Phone Number: 703-776-6699

Location: Inova Fairfax Hospital

Duration: Four Weeks

Max Number of Students: 1 student/block

Description: The Intensive Care Units (ICU) at Inova Fairfax Hospital are extraordinarily busy with a high level of acuity. Inova Fairfax Hospital is a major referral center for the critically ill patients in Northern Virginia. There are three ICUs which are covered by a large ICU team comprised of 2 residents and 3 interns in addition to rotating fourth year students. The types of cases seen are vast and encompass a range of ages and demographics. There is an emphasis on pathophysiology which involves a multidisciplinary approach. Students are given a high level of responsibility and are expected to work closely with their residents and attendings to manage their patients. There is a critical care attending who rounds daily with the ICU team. Students are expected to pre-round and present their patients then. They can expect to be on call every fourth day which includes some weekend days, but does not include overnight call. Students are also expected to attend a number of critical care conferences designed specifically for the ICU team.

Clinical Cardiology: CARD-500

Department: Cardiology

Instructor: Barbara Srichai, MD

Contact: Barbara Srichai, MD and Division Administrator

Phone Number: 202-444-5515

Location: MedStar Georgetown University Hospital

Reporting Time and Place: Room 4418 on 4th Floor Main Building at 7:30am. Cardiology faculty on service and the rest of the consult team will meet you there.

Duration: Four Weeks

Max Students: Four students/ block

Description: The senior inpatient cardiology elective is a four-week block during which the students will participate in the Cardiology Consult Service. During the month period, the student will be assigned to an Attending Physician who will be responsible for Cardiovascular Consults Service. The student will be responsible for conducting a complete cardiovascular evaluation and then reviewing the patient with the designated faculty physician. Throughout this rotation, the student will be expected to review electrocardiograms, chest x-rays, echocardiograms, nuclear studies, and treadmill tests performed on patients under their care. The students will have the opportunity to observe various procedures conducted in various cardiovascular laboratories including cardiac catheterization, electrophysiology studies, echo, nuclear studies, and treadmill testing. They will be expected to participate in a small number of conferences conducted in the cardiovascular service.


(First two weeks of each block = Block #A, Second two weeks of each block = Block #B)

Department: Medicine/Cardiology

Instructor: Richard Morrissey, MD


Phone Number: (202) 444-5515

Location: MedStar Georgetown University Hospital

Reporting Time and Place: Room  4408 at 0800.

Duration: Two week blocks

Max Students: 4 students/ block

Description: This elective will provide a general comprehension approach to reading EKGs. Students will be exposed to approximately 100 hospital readings per day in addition to exposure to Stress Test monitoring. Students will be comfortable and trained in EKG reading upon successful completion of this course. NO VISITING STUDENTS.

 This elective starts in Block  4. Not offered during block 6 (Residency Interviewing block)