Kay's Clone of Fourth Year Curriculum

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GUSOM Fourth Year Requirements: Fourth Year students are REQUIRED to complete 37 course week/credit hours (not including remediation of 3rd-year clerkships during 4th-year blocks)

Emergency Medicine Required AI Selective AI Elective Course Catalog Clinical Pharmacology
4 Weeks 4 Weeks 4 Weeks 24 Weeks 1 Week
Including ACLS certification. Per the Emergency Medicine Clerkship Director, students interested in pursuing Emergency Medicine can do their EM clerkship in either the 1st or 2nd block of the year. Please also note the EMED440 AY2018-2019 calendar and syllabus which includes mandatory attendance at certain times of the clerkship. Internal Medicine Wards or in the Medical Intensive Care Unit (MICU) Acting Internship selected from a list of Acting Internship experiences that have been officially approved by the Committee on Medical Education (COME). Acting Internships from other institutions or electives not on the list reviewed and approved by the COME will NOT be accepted as fulfilling the school’s requirement. Twenty-four weeks of electives of the student’s choice, up to four weeks of which can be used for Step 2 CK or CS board study. All electives require advance approval from the appropriate Department Chair/Division Chief and the Office of Medical Education. Intramural electives are electives that are done within GUSOM oversight at one of our primary affiliate institutions in the DC area. For a list of intramural electives arranged by department, see below. Extramural electives are electives that are done outside GUSOM at another institution. There is an application process for all extramural electives (Hard copies of these forms are also available in the Office of Medical Education). Students are responsible for ensuring that the attending who observed them during their extramural elective completes a grade for them and submits it to the Registrar’s Office. Click here for the Fourth Year Evaluation form. Education in Pharmacotherapeutics (Refer to M4 AY2018-2019 block dates)

The Fourth Year Lottery: The Fourth Year Lottery is comprised of two parts.

Tier I: In late February/early March, lottery preferences for your Required AI, Selective AI and Emergency Medicine rotations will be solicited. At this time in the third year, you will be asked to state the field to which you will be applying for residency and the degree of certainty that you have for that field. Throughout mid-March to late April, students will have the opportunity to investigate potential extramural electives (AWAYS).

Tier 2: In late April/early May, students will be asked to fill in the rest of their schedule by declaring when in their schedule they plan to ask for an AWAY and lottery preferences for intramural electives (LOCAL) will then be completed before being opened up for visiting students.