Meet Our 2021 Sarah Stewart Scholars

Inochi Gonzalez Calvo

I was born in Habana, Cuba and moved to Miami at the age of 11 years old. Growing up I always knew I wanted to be a doctor so I went to University of South Florida and earned a  bachelor’s degree in Biomedical Sciences with a minor in Psychology. As a first generation student, I have always been very passionate about promoting diversity and equality especially in healthcare so attending a medical school that embraced diversity was a requirement for me. I chose to go to Georgetown because even during my interview I felt welcomed, I could feel that Georgetown was a place that encouraged open conversations about health inequities and was ACTIVELY working to better those for their students, and faculty. Currently, I am involved in the Council of Diversity Affairs (CODA) and Medical Spanish Initiative to assure that others like me can also attend Georgetown and striving to help other medical students gain training in Medical Spanish so that they can build better relationships with their patients. I am currently interested in hand surgery but i am keeping an open mind since I still have so much to learn, however I am determined to continue promoting healthcare equality and mentorship for underrepresented students in whatever field I end up in!

Tyrel Powell

I was born and raised in Jamaica, Queens, New York. On multiple occasions, I have heard the tragic stories of young black men I knew whose lives were lost to street violence in New York. Such events birthed within me a desire to be an advocate to those who have lost their voices. These young men, who are no longer with us, deserve to have their stories told and justice ought to be served if at all possible. I am on a mission to contribute to the fight for justice in this way within my future practice as a Medical Examiner. Unfortunately, street violence is just one of many societal issues that ought to be addressed and this is why diversity and equity is essential for improving the lives of all. A multitude of changemakers focused on their missions, while being unified by the common pursuit towards a safer and healthier society, will make significant progress. I am exceedingly grateful to be an M1 at the Georgetown University School of Medicine, where faculty intentionally teach us about the manifold inequalities and injustices that plague varying patient populations. Additionally, faculty equip us with necessary wisdom to be strong voices for the overlooked. I am currently seeking to do my part to promote diversity and inclusion on my campus by serving as a member of the Council on Diversity Affairs with the goal of creating an optimal learning and social experience for my peers. Additionally, I intend to encourage and inspire other changemakers who desire to join this noble profession through mentorship.