Endocrinology and Metabolism: ENDO-500

Department: Medicine/Endocrinology

Instructor: Jacqueline Jonklaas, MD

Contact: Division Administrator

Phone Number: (202) 687-2818

Location: MedStar Georgetown University Hospital

Reporting Time and Place: If you have not been contacted by the division with information about where and when to report on your first day, please call the page operator at 202-444-2000 and ask to have the fellow on call paged to your number the weekend before your first day (Saturday or Sunday). You may also present on Monday morning at 9am to the Endocrinology outpatient clinic on the 6th floor of the Pasquerilla Health Care Building.

Duration: Four Weeks

Max Students: 2 students/ block

Description: Clinical experience in diagnosis and treatment of endocrine and metabolic diseases in an inpatient and outpatient teaching setting. Intensive diabetes management, diagnosis of thyroid disorders, lipid disorders, pituitary disorders, disorders of water metabolism, osteoporosis and other calcium disorders are stressed