Handheld Requirement FAQ

1. Can I get a discounted price for Apple devices?

For Apple devices, go to the Apple Store for Education to buy an iOS device from apple directly with a discount. For iOS or Android cellular devices, you can please see the Celluar Service Discounts and Ordering page.

2. If I already have an 8GB iPod Touch that I’m using for music, will I have enough memory to also use it on the wards next year? Should I buy a 16MB to be safe?

Music and video tend to occupy the most memory. See Apple’s website for the amount of media content that can be stored on each device. Also, you can use iTunes to manage and limit the amount of media content to allow enough room for applications. We recomend at least 16GB.

3. Do medical students have Wi-Fi access at MGUH and MedStar affiliates?

All 1st and 2nd year medical students can get a MedStarGuestnet WIFI password  to allow internet access in MedStar hospitals. All 3rd and 4th year medical student have access to the more robust Physician Wireless Network (PWN).  All Hospital WIFI passwords will will be distributed via one45.  We will also be exploring Wi-Fi access at non-Medstar affiliates such as Fairfax, Arlington, and the VA most affiliates do provide some WIFI access for students.

4. Are they going to give you a list of apps you’ll need for the iPhone/iPod Touch?

Yes. This is the list of required and recommended applications. All applications must be downloaded through the App Store on the device. Most medical applications are currently free.

5. Who pays for the app downloads that aren’t free?

Like a required textbook, you would be expected to pay for required applications in a similar fashion.

6. Would we have to pay monthly service fees for the iPod Touch?


7. Is there an estimate of the retail price of each?

Yes, see the Apple website for the retail price of iOS devices. Alternatively, please check the website of your preferred wireless carrier for Android device prices.

8. Are the iPhone/iPod Touch devices compatible with PCs?

iPod/iPhone devices use the iTunes application to synchronize content and manage the device. iTunes is available for both Mac and Windows platforms, including Windows 7/Vista.

9. Are the monthly service charges included in our financial aid?

No, your technology fee does not cover phone or data service charges.