Gastroenterology: GAST-500

Department: Medicine/Gastroenterology

Instructor: James Lewis, MD

Contact: Mesky Lloyd


Location: MedStar Georgetown University Hospital

Duration: Four Weeks

Max Students: 2 students/block

Reporting Time and Place: Please report to Dr. Bull-Henry’s office (Main Hospital, M-2408, phone 202-444-1667) at 8:30am on the first day of your rotation. Her assistant, Laura Song, will provide you with your curriculum goals and objectives and page the fellow on call.

Description: The Gastroenterology Division of MedStar Georgetown University Hospital offers an elective for seniors consisting of association with the Fellow in Gastroenterology and the Faculty of the Gastroenterology Division for the elective period. This association is a close one and includes participation in frequent ward rounds, conference management of common problems in Gastroenterology and Hepatology. Students will evaluate patients seen in consultation in conjunction with fellows.  

Gastroenterology/Hepatology/Clinical Nutrition: GAST-519

Department: Medicine/Gastroenterology

Instructor: Gustavo Marino, MD

Contact: Woodrow Thompson

Phone Number: (202) 745-8121

Location: Veterans Affairs Hospital

Duration: Four Weeks

Max Students: Two students/block

Description: The student will participate in all the activities of the section. This includes a complete didactic conference schedule as well as rounds and clinics (GI and Liver) with the various attendings. However, the primary basis for the program will be direct involvement in patient care. To achieve this, the student will interview and examine inpatients for which consultations have been requested. This will be done under the supervision of a Fellow and full-time attending. Subsequently, the student will observe all special procedures required in the management of the patient. These include the various biopsy techniques and endoscopies. Instructor must be contacted prior to signing up for this elective. 

Hepatology – GAST-520

Department: Medicine/Gastroenterology

Instructor: Rohit Satoskar, MD

Contact: Rohit Satoskar, MD

Phone Number: 202-444-7318

Location: MedStar Georgetown University Hospital

Duration: Four Weeks

Max Students: 1 student/block

Description: The Hepatology elective is a 4 week elective where students take an active role in patient care. They will manage a wide array of liver diseases both as the primary team and as the consultation team. The students will participate in daily ward rounds, and attend weekly hepatobiliary, liver transplant selection committee, and pathology conferences. They will learn to interpret liver enzymes, manage common and rare liver diseases and evaluate patients for transplant. Each student will be under the direct supervision of a fellow and full-time attending. NOT OPEN TO VISITING STUDENTS.