Health Policy Elective


Department: Medicine

Instructor: Mariam Ayub, MD

Contact: Dr. Mariam Ayub

Location: MGUH

Duration: 4 weeks, Block 8 only, AY14-15

Course Overview: First Week: Morning Didactic Session. Second and Third Week: Morning Didactic Sessions, Afternoon Site Visits [students should not miss any days these 2 weeks], Fourth Week: Independent Project Time

Max Number of Students:15 students/block

Description: “The Larger Context: Health Systems, Policy, and Public Health for Clinicians” is a collaborative effort that will bring residents, students, and policy makers together to experience and learn the health care system through lectures from national experts and site visits. The course will illustrate how the patients you have been caring for in your clinical rotations in the hospital and in the community are affected by the larger health care system. Our faculty lecturers, as well as invited outside experts who work in health policy and public health organizations, will speak to the students about important health system issues and how to incorporate public health and public policy knowledge into their future careers. We will take advantage of our training location in the nation’s capital and have the students visit various health policy and public health agencies and institutions. The course is a four-week elective for medical students. The first two weeks will be didactic sessions in the mornings and site visits in the afternoons. Residents from Medicine, Family Medicine, Pediatrics and Emergency Medicine will also attend lectures and site visits during the first two weeks. During the second two weeks, students will be set up at a health policy organization in DC for a mini-internship to work on a small physician advocacy or public health project. The course will be designed for learners who have an interest in health policy/public health issues, but have no advanced degree (MPH/JD) in health policy or public health. Not open to visiting students.