Clinical Hematology HMON-500

Department: Medicine/Hematology

Instructor: Joao Ascensao, MD

Contact: Woodrow Thompson

Phone: (202) 745-8121

Location: Veterans Affairs Medical Center

Duration: Four Weeks

Max Students: Two students/block

Description: The program acquaints the student with the methods for evaluation and treatment of patients with hematologic disorders.  The student sees inpatients and outpatients as a consultant under close supervision by the full-time staff.  Ward rounds and morphologic review sessions are conducted daily.  Participation in weekly hematology clinic, journal clubs and two clinical conferences is expected.  

Medical Oncology: ONCO-500

Department: Medicine/Oncology

Instructor: Geoffrey Gibney, MD

Contact: Adrian Hameed

Phone Number: (202) 444-7036

Location: Georgetown University Lombardi Cancer Research Center

Reporting Time and Place: Meet in Lombardi clinic lobby at 9am

Duration: Four Weeks

Max Students: 2 students/ block 

Description: The Division of Medical Oncology offers an in-depth experience in the outpatient management of cancer medicine. The student will function as an active member of the outpatient team and works closely with the attending and fellows. The student will have an opportunity to independently assess patients in the outpatient clinic, supported by full-time faculty and staff. These skills will be applicable to all outpatient care, regardless of specialty. The formal teaching program includes weekly Morning Report, Pathology Conference, Didactic Lectures, Hematology-Oncology Conference, and Research Conference. In addition, there are regularly scheduled multidisciplinary teaching conferences in major areas of oncology (breast, GI, GU, lung). All students have the opportunity to attend the Comprehensive Breast Center Clinic one half-day per week. This clinic offers breast self-examination teaching, regular screening for breast cancer, and diagnostic assessment of breast problems. Students receive in-depth teaching in proper breast examination technique and learn office management of breast pain, breast lumps, nipple discharge, mastitis, and other common complaints. Students will also have the opportunity to attend the Multidisciplinary Breast Cancer and Thoracic Oncology Clinics, where patients are seen simultaneously by a surgeon, a radiation oncologist, and a medical oncologist to determine optimal local and systemic treatments. These clinics offer a unique opportunity to observe interdisciplinary communication, a good model for future physicians regardless of their chosen field, and to understand the learning and decision-making process that patients undergo when diagnosed with a new illness. Through the conduct of formal patient evaluations, the student will have an opportunity to follow patients through treatment during the month and to present cases in conference and to attendings. Teaching will be directed towards the particular problems that the student encounters during his or her one-month rotation. A liberal use of the original literature will be strongly encouraged. 

Medical Oncology: ONCO-542

Department: Medicine/Oncology

Instructor: Drs. Krasnow, Wadleigh and Arcenas

Contact: Evangeline Kokkinos

Phone Number: 202-745-8121

Location: Veterans Affairs Medical Center

Duration: Four Weeks

Max Students: One students/ block

Description: Cancer and Primary Care: Cancer is one of the commonest illnesses in this country. The Primary Care physician will be involved in the diagnosis and care of many cancer patients. Furthermore, many oncologists serve as primary care providers for their patients. This rotation introduces the future generalist to aspects of cancer care that will be useful in his/her practice. Content will include: Office Assessment of the cancer patient, Clinical Courses of Common Malignancies, Recognizing oncologist emergencies, Supportive care principles, including pain management, and Cancer Prevention and Early Detection.