Infectious Diseases: INFD-500

Department: Medicine/ID

Instructor: Princy Kumar, MD

Contact: Amanda Finnell

Phone: (202) 444-0244

Location: MedStar Georgetown University Hospital

Duration: Four Weeks

Report Time/Place: Report to ID conference room at 8:30 

Max Students: 3 students/block

Description: The Infectious Disease Service offers one four-week elective. During this time emphasis is placed on the clinical and microbiological approach to the patient with infection. Clinical teaching ward rounds are made in the morning followed by seeing new consultations in the afternoon. Followup patients and new consults are seen by the student and subsequently reviewed by the Infectious Disease Staff. Student electives are available monthly, including July and August. (Visiting student electives are only available in December, April, May, and June). Students also participate in Journal Club and multiple Infectious Diseases conferences. Students are also given a series of didactic lectures on antibiotic/antiviral and antifungal agents as well as important infectious disease syndromes. Click HERE for the curriculum overview.  


Student applicants must be currently enrolled in an allopathic, LCME-accredited school of medicine in the United States