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Michelle Roett, MD, MPH, FAAFP, CPE, Interim Chair

The Department of Family Medicine has responsibility for undergraduate medical education in family practice, community medicine, preventive medicine, and biostatistics and epidemiology and service learning.  In the first year, the department conducts a course reviewing the American health care system, public health and preventive medicine. During the first and second years, the department provides a required course in ambulatory medicine that introduces students to office-based care and involves approximately 160 physicians in the Washington metropolitan area. In the third year, the department conducts a required four-week clerkship in family medicine, based in the offices of clinical family physician faculty.  Electives in the second and fourth year are offered, including those in family practice and geriatric medicine. 

Undergraduate medical students are eligible for summer and/or elective programs in which aspects of family medicine and community health are explored in greater depth. Rural and international electives are available by prior arrangement with a sponsoring faculty member. 

The department also provides a three-year family practice residency training program at Providence Hospital, a community hospital in northeast Washington. Fellowship opportunities are available in geriatric medicine, and medical editing. 

The Family Medicine faculty has broad research interests, including patient education, health promotion and disease prevention, community health, geriatrics, occupational health, chronic disease care, medical data systems, long-term care, health economics, and medical writing and editing.