Meeting #1

Georgetown University School of Medicine – SNMA Chapter
Thursday, August 23, 2012 12:00 p.m. * GA2/4
General Meeting Minutes

I. Highlights from the Agenda

II. Welcome & Introduction to SNMA
a. Mission of SNMA, Vision of SNMA & History of SNMA
President, Joelle Constant: welcomed current and prospective members. Sign up sheet passed. Brief mission of SNMA; Vision of SNMA; History of SNMA, Regional and National Committee Info shared.
Question raised: What is MAPS?
A program that allows medical students to advise and expose pre medical students to the medical school environment.

b. National Protocols, International Initiatives, & SNMA Partners shared.

c. Introduction of officers & Discussion of their role
President, Joelle Constant
Vice President, Marsiyana Henricus
Community Service Chair: Long Huynh
PMED (*formerly known as MAPS) Chair: Suliman El-Amin

d. Recognition of SNMA Chapter of The Year

e. SNMA Year in Review 2011-2012
President, Joelle Constant: discussed last year’s events. Hispanic Heritage Month; Latin Potluck; HPREP Sci Life Fair; PMED bring a premedical student to class; Agape Community Wellness Fair; Happy Hour Mixer at Dirty Martini; Physician of the Civil Rights Movement; Speed Dating Mixer; First Agape Community Health Fair

f. How Can I get Involved & What to Expect
President, Joelle Constant: discussed membership and volunteer opportunities and discussed national conference opportunities and networking events.

g. Membership Benefits
President, Joelle Constant: discussed scholarship opportunities, discounts on exams and prep courses.

h. Leadership Positions available & Discussion of Roles
Vice President, Marsiyana Henricus: shared open positions; Treasurer; Fundraising Chair; Membership Chair; HPREP/YSEP; Social Chair; Senior Banquet Chair; Webmaster/Historian. *Election information to be emailed.

III. Mark Your Calendars!!!
a. Boston NLI Conference: September 14-16
b. Multicultural Health Fair: September 15, 2012
c. Hispanic Heritage Month
d. Sci Life: October

IV. Questions & Answer
a. Where did students go for the Summer Opportunities in Latin America?
Guatemala, Spain, Dominican Republic

b. How much are dues?
Chapter dues: $10/semester, $20/year
National Level: $100 for a 4 year period, and then subsequent $20 increments per year.

V. Wrap Up & Adjournment

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