Neurosurgery: NSUR-500

Department: Neurosurgery

Instructor: Mani Nair, MD 

Contact: Mackenzie Friddell

Location: MedStar Georgetown University Hospital

Reporting Time and Place: On the first morning of the rotation, please report to C63 (6th floor of the CCC building) at 6:00am and ask for the Chief Resident

Duration: Four Weeks

Max Students: Five students/ block

Description: This elective offers an opportunity to participate actively and assume responsibility in the management of neurosurgical patients. The student will become familiar with the diagnosis and management of tumors and vascular disease of the brain, complex spine disorders, pediatric neurosurgical disease, pain, stereotaxy, and seizure disorders. The student will learn the indications for and application of cyberknife radiosurgery in treatment of brain and spine tumors.