School of Medicine Students Honored for Excellence in Education, Research and Service

Lauren Yap and Princy Kumar stand next to each other
(r to l) Princy Kumar, MD, senior associate dean for students, presented Lauren Yap (M’24) with the Kober Award, bestowed upon the medical student with the highest overall academic record and performance. (All images: Charles Siwinski)

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(May 20, 2024) — School of Medicine faculty honored graduating medical students in the Class of 2024 who excelled during their medical education during the Warwick Evans Awards Ceremony.

Dean Jones speaks from a podium
Lee Jones, MD, dean for medical education, welcomed family and friends to the annual Warwick Evans Awards Ceremony.

The annual event, named for the first Georgetown medical school graduate, was held May 17 in the storied Gaston Hall.

As Lee Jones, MD, dean for medical education, welcomed family and friends, he reflected on his years of getting to know the students.

“I continue to marvel at their capacity for work and study, their diligence and dedication, growth and maturation,” Jones said. “Even more important, I am so impressed by them as wonderful human beings, compassionate caregivers, who are dedicated to the care of the whole person as well as committed to their community through volunteer service and participation in health care.”

Jones said the achievements warranted acknowledgement in the presence of their loved ones. The awards recognize excellence in various specialties, research, outstanding patient care, academic achievement, student leadership, advocacy and commitment to social justice, and community service.

Paul Henderson speaks from a podium
Paul Henderson (M’24) delivered the student address at this year’s Warwick Evans Awards ceremony.

The most prestigious award, the Kober Award, was presented to Lauren Yap (M’24). It recognizes academic excellence and is bestowed upon the medical student with the highest overall academic record and performance. The award was established by George M. Kober, MD, dean of the School of Medicine from 1901 to 1928. (A full list of award recipients is below).

The Class of 2024 chose Paul Henderson (M’24) to deliver the student address at the ceremony. Henderson was recognized earlier in the evening with four awards: the Stephen Ray and Ellen Mitchell Leadership Award, the Jesuit Leadership and Service Award, the William P. Argy, MD, Teaching Award, and the Medical Education Development & Culture Award.

‘Remember Your Purpose’

“Today, we come together to celebrate the culmination of years of dedication, sacrifice and unwavering determination in our graduates, and I am filled with immense gratitude and pride,” Henderson said. “Graduating from medical school is more than just an academic achievement; it’s a testament to our resilience, passion for healing, and commitment to making a difference in the world.”

Henderson recalled his classmates met the challenge of beginning courses virtually in 2020, as the COVID-19 pandemic gripped the world.

Nancy Hu reaches for Irma Zhang's hand while onstage
Nancy Hu, MD, presented the Edward B. Healton, MD, Clinical Scholar Award to Irma Zhang (M’24).

“Instead of succumbing to despair, our community came together with resilience and determination. Despite the limitations of the pandemic, we found creative ways to continue our medical education and serve our community,” he said.

“We might be the first Georgetown class to hold a virtual white coat ceremony, to palpate a pillow, or percuss a tissue box,” Henderson said. “Although our experiences were unique, we weren’t deprived of the quintessential Georgetown medical journey.”

Henderson urged his classmates to persist in defining their personal significance.

“I would encourage our graduates to continue to advocate for their own personal meaning and continue to shape these experiences for the future doctors who will join this profession one day,” he said. “Remember your purpose.”

2024 Warwick Evans Awards Recipients

The Family Medicine Community Service Award

Meaghan Brophy and Emily Phelps

The Family Medicine Research and Scholarship Award

Leila Eter

The Phillip L. Calcagno, MD, Award

Freesia Quezada

The Bridget Fawcett MacNamara Award

Claire Ressel

The Gregory M. Chirikjian Award

Irma Zhang

The Faustino R. Suarez, MD, Award

Allie Roverud

The Michael A. Rolnick, MD, Award

Michael Ezeana

The Society for Academic Emergency Medicine Excellence in Emergency Medicine Award (Commemorative Award)

Ruba Omeira

The Thomas F. Keliher Award

Jack Stylli

The William P. Argy, MD, Teaching Award

Paul Henderson

The Mario Mollari Award

Alison Hill, Anna Molotkova, Esteban Molina

The Edward B. Healton, MD, Clinical Scholar Award

Irma Zhang

Barbara Bregman Neuroscience Department Award

Brian Fitzgerald

The Stacy L. Rollins Jr. MD Award

Lily McLaughlin

The Raymond T. Holden Award

Megan Wallace

The Hematology/Oncology Award

Samantha Rizzo

The Lombardi Comprehensive Cancer Center Award

Jerry Xiao

The Ophthalmology Achievement Award

Victor Cox

The John N. Delahay, MD, Award

Rory Byrne

The Jennifer Woo, MD, Memorial Award

Mohamad Almasri

The Donald M. Kerwin, MD, Award

Emma Piliponis

The Frank G. Standaert Award

Brian Fitzgerald, Anna Molotkova

The Award for Excellence in Physiology

Kyle Reichard

The Lawrence S. Lilienfield, MD, PhD, Award for Excellence in Physiology

Mahdi Barkhordar

SMP Excellence in Academics Award

Kyle Wallace

The Francis L. Clark Jr. Award

Hassan Bazzi

The Excellence in Education and Research Award

Lindsey Gallagher

The James A. Cahill, MD, Award

Anna Fishbein

The Pellegrino Center for Clinical Bioethics Award

Francisca Finkel

The Robert R. Huntley, MD, Award

Lauren Havens

The Family Medicine Leadership and Advancing Student Interest Award

Thu Dao

The William C. Maxted, MD, Award

Grant Fabrizio

The Learning Societies Award

Jake Whitney

The Michael J. Caruso, MD, Memorial Award

Thomas Chameli

The Medical Education Development & Culture Award

Irma Zhang, Paul Henderson, Naveen Gupta

The Edward Bunn, SJ, Award

Brian Kim

The Leonard Tow Humanism in Medicine Award

Jay Gupta

The Health Justice Scholar Award

Rimsha Rana

The Health Justice Alliance Award

Aditi Gadre

The Milton Corn, MD, Award

Lauren Yap

The Stephen Ray and Ellen Mitchell Leadership Award

Paul Henderson

The Georgetown Clinical Society Award

Ruba Omeira, Kyle Wallace, Hunter Vandolah

The Jesuit Leadership and Service Award

Paul Henderson, Lizzie Torrez, Jake Whitney and Victoria Fubara

The Student Mentorship Award

Alexandra O’Kane, Heidi Chang, Freesia Quezada, Jake Whitney and Crystal Yi

The Heinz Bauer, MD, PhD, Award

Victor Cox

United States Public Health Services (USPHS) Physician Professional Advisory Committee (PPAC) Excellence in Public Health Award

Heidi Chang

The Sarah E. Stewart Award

Alexandra O’Kane

The Charles E. Becker, MD, Excellence Award

Jake Whitney

The Donald M. Knowlan, MD, Award

Brian Fitzgerald

Kober Award

Lauren Yap