2018 GUSOM Match Day Recap

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Pictures of students opening their envelopes

On Friday, March 16th, 2018, the Georgetown University School of Medicine celebrated Match Day. On Match Day, residency candidates and residency programs “match” with one another to fill first-year and second-year post-medical school training programs. According to The American Academy of Family Physicians, “The Match provides a uniform process [wherein] all steps of the process are completed in the same fashion and at the same time by all applicants in participating institutions.”

With the auditorium in the pre-clinical sciences building filled to capacity with students, staff, family, and friends, excitement and emotion filled the air.  The culmination of four arduous years of medical education was sealed in white envelopes that held the future of these soon-to-be physicians. Dean Mitchell’s convivial demeanor and light-hearted approach kept the anxiety of the nervous fourth-year medical students at bay, but not for long.

For the GUSOM Class of 2018….

  • 94% of GU School of Medicine students matched.
  • 19% of students matched with one of the top 10 programs in their specialty
  • 44% of students matched with one of the top 25 programs in their specialty

Most popular specialties among GUSOM who matched…

  • Internal medicine: 28 (21.4% of students matched with one of the top 10 programs in the country)
  • Anesthesiology: 22 (32% of students matched with one of the top 10 programs)
  • Orthopedics: 19 (11% of students matched with one of the top 10 programs)
  • Pediatrics: 18 (39% of students matched with one of the top 10 programs)
  • Emergency medicine: 17 (12% of students matched with one of the top 10 programs)

Most popular destinations for students who matched:

  • New York State (33 students)
  • District of Columbia (29)
  • California (22)
  • Maryland (12)
  • Pennsylvania (11)

Within the 2018 GUSOM 4th year graduating class, many GEMS alumni matched as well. Tien Nguyen matched with West Virginia University School of Medicine in Internal Medicine, Luke Powell matched at NYP Hospital – Columbia University Medical Center in Family Medicine, Maya Jackson matched at Rutgers New Jersey Medical School in Surgery, and Chiemeke Nwabueze matched with York Hospital in Pennsylvania in Emergency Medicine.

Picture of 4th year medical student Emi

In a brief interview with Chiemeke “Emi”, she mentioned how her time as a GEMS student allowed her to be a successful medical school student. Upon reflection, Emi said that the GEMS program gave her the “opportunity to develop in multiple dimensions as a learner, a med student, and as a representative of GUSOM.” The program allowed for her to develop as a person so that she could relate to people who are going through similar struggles and journeys, and to have a support system. It helped build her confidence in her capabilities as a student and future physician.

As an alumnus of the program, Emi is still connected and acts as a mentor to current GES students, is a representative of The Office of Diversity and Inclusion, is a leader in GUSOM’s Student National Medical Association (SMNA) organization, looks forward to becoming an active alumni of  GEMS in the near future. “The one word to describe my time as a GEMS student to now, as a matched fourth year med student about to graduate is grateful. I would not have been as successful had it not been for the GEMS program, family, my support network, and the faculty – past and present – that continue to reachout” said Emi.

Congratulations to all the medical students for their incredible success at GUSOM and best of luck in their upcoming residency programs!