Story of Asante Dickson M.D.

“The decision to apply to GEMS was based on a need to stop, assess and modify some serious educational and studying bad habits that had challenged me up to that point. GEMS taught me that studying is a skill that requires practice, intention and strategy. Just sitting down and putting in countless hours doesn’t mean one is studying effectively. No success is bereft of tactic and the utilization of coaching and mentoring methodology. Maintain realistic self appraisal. When you don’t know something, acknowledge it and act to learn it or get guidance on how to learn it. Staying quiet when you are in trouble is a sure way to achieve academic failure. I coined the phrase, “KYFOTT” or keep your folder off the table as a reminder to myself to strive to keep my performance out of the hands of any academic review committees. Your fate would then be up to them. Work to stay clear of any such experiences by staying academically solvent.”

Fun memory from GEMS – “Dean Taylor coming to my apartment in person to check on me and verify that I was indeed studying and not goofing off! He banged on the door and when I opened it, he walked right past me exclaiming, “aaahhhhaaaaa, aaahaaaaa!!  what are we doing here?!”